Bogdan Popović – Antologija novije srpske lirike. Uploaded by Lice Jovan Deretic – Kratka Istorija Srpske Knjizevnosti · MODERNA (skriptaSVE) · Modrag. Antologija srpske knjizevnosti scribd downloader. Book from the collections of university of california. Ernest benisic, ilija okrugic, josip karlovic, adalbert. Antologija stare srpske književnosti by Djordje Sp. Radojičić Review by: Vera Javarek The Slavonic and East European Review, Vol. 40, No.

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Nepoznati Hilandarac, Monah iz Sopocana. Poetika Stare Srpske Knjizevnosti Documents. Reference would have been made easier if either these titles or page references to the relevant notes had been appended to the extracts themselves.

Antologija stare srpske knjievnostiby Djordje Sp. Radojii

The number of writers represented is evidence enough of the amount of material in this anthology which is new to the modern reader; among the many writers whose works are, in fact, printed here from manuscripts for the first time are a number discovered by Professor Radojicic himself. Srpske narodne pripovetke aantologija – Pani-Surep, Milorad Documents. On the other hand, the writers represented are not necessarily of Serbian origin.

From another hitherto unpublished writer named David we are given a naively eulogistic description of the character and achievements of the Emperor Lazar, written not long after his death.

Interspersed are items of only a sentence or two-the cry of a hungry I4th-century monk, or an unexpectedly Herrick-like verse by a I 5th-century priest-which capture and hold the attention. Anonymous writers are referred to, when possible, by the name antllogija place with which their life or work is connected- e. Antologija najnovije srpske drame – I deo Documents. For this reason an anthology of srpskoslovenski literature might not anhologija expected to present much variety or human interest.

Antologija stare srpske knjievnostiby Djordje Sp. Antologija stare lirike grkeby Koloman Rac Documents.

Uredništvo | malinemo

Michael were among the first in the field with their Polish Antholog; next cameJ. Antologija novije srpske lirike – Popovi, Bogdan Documents.

Antologija srpske poezije za decu pdf? Pietrkiewicz with his frequent critical antloogija in this Review; in appeared Donald Davie’s The Forests of Lithuania-a poetic compendium of Pan Tadeusz, to mention only some of the work published in Britain alone.

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Approximate dates have been established in most cases where chronology is, inevitably, uncertain. A com- plete short work, Povest ojerusalimskim crkvama, from antoloigja I 5th-century manu- script of an anthology compiled forJelena, Lazar’s daughter, by her mentor, a Byzantine monk Nikon ‘Jerusalimac’ ; and jelena’s otpisanije bogoljubno, addressed to Nikon, a short pious work which is moving in its simplicity and I This content downloaded from Antologija srpske poezije za decu predzmajevskog perioda – srpsje, zorana Documents.

The opening sentence given here is characteristic: Published on Jan View Download 2. The titles which have been provided for the extracts-the title is often an apposite phrase taken from the extract itself-do much to add to the attrac- tive presentation of the material.

Martin Secker and Warburg, London, I These notes are antooogija detailed accounts, indispens- able to a full understanding and appreciation ofthe printed texts.

In this section are given the titles ofthe works from which extracts in the anthology were taken. Srpkse okviri srpske knjievnostiby Dragia ivkovi Documents. Ofparticu- lar interest are parallels noted between historical events described by mediaeval writers e. An Anthology with Introduction and Notes. Antologija Novije Srpske Lirike Documents.

THIS anthology consists of extracts from the works of some I40 writers in srpskoslovenski, from the I I th century to the third decade of the i 8th century. We use information technology and anologija to increase productivity and facilitate new formsof scholarship. Thus the srpskoslovenski translations from Byzantine works which formed a large part of mediaeval Serbian literature do not find a place in this book.

Only works written originally in srpskoslovenski are included. For the greater part of this period, during the centuries of Turkish oppres- sion, Serbian literature-cultivated principally by monks-survived only with difficulty, and remained to a large extent mediaeval in character; it was not until the i 8th century that the vernacular was introduced as the literary language, and that Serbian literature became more closely associated with everyday life.

Стара српска књижевност – ИСТОРИЈСКА БИБЛИОТЕКА

Extracts from the works of each of these writers occupy several pages, though the anthology gives a general impression nkjizevnosti consisting ofvery short items. Srpske narodne bajke, Srpske junake pesme, Antologija srpske poezije za decu, arobna Documents. SINCE the last war the English-speaking world has been singularly well served by translators from Polish and writers sntologija Polish literature.


He has put most ofthe material into modern Serbo-Croat, preserving the character of the original; only some of the simpler srpsek texts and most items in verse have been left in srpskoslovenski; the glossaries necessary to the understanding of these are provided in footnotes. Putopisna proza u poslednjem procvatu stare srpske knjievnosti Documents. But Professor Radojicic, applying the ,njizevnosti on which anthologies ofmodern literature are compiled, has selected his items not only for their literary and documen- tary value and for their importance as being characteristic of their place and period, but for their power to bring this literature to life and to stir the imagi- nation.

Naturally, much space is allocated to extracts from the most important biographies, chronicles and pious works of the mediaeval period, which are already well known to students of this literature; e.

Antologija srpske knjizevnosti scribd downloader

It is impossible to do justice in a small space to the wealth of new material of this nature which is presented here, valuable for its intrinsic interest or for the light which it throws on the period. In the second part of this book, an important supplement to the anthology itself, Professor Radojicic has provided notes on the writers and their works with brief bibliographies.

Readers would also be happier if the whole book were printed in clearer type and on paper of the quality which so important and so attractive an anthology deserves. Certain items knjizevnoshi, of necessity, been taken from later translations, in other lang- uages, of the srpskoslovenski orginal.

Antologija stare srpske knjievnosti by Djordje Sp. One of these, Pandeh, a Macedonian writing in the first half of the I 3th century while awaiting help from the Serbs against the Greeks, expresses his feelings and ideas in a strikingly terse and yet srpskw idiom. JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range ofcontent in a trusted digital archive.