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VS the Power Switch. Looked over everything, nothing was burned. A question I have however, is why is it some in circuit tests reveal partial forward and reverse voltage I look in the datasheet for its specs P-type, 30V 10A and find same or stronger usually on other boards that lay around and replace.

Took the system apart and looked around the system and found burnt part near the white power connector. You can also download the datasheet if need to print out. Thnx for helping us all out. Losses in inductor of a boost dqtasheet 8.

Check AO switching mosfets on power source side on mobo just where power entering. Hi I have the same problem. Andy Tue Mar 08, Posted by Doctor Computer datashedt Replace latching relay with Mosfet 7.

The FET should only read one ao433 in diode mode, since it basically a diode that is turned off or on. Can anyone advise me on my next move? Heat sinks, Part 2: I guess in a mental image it is similar to the way magnets attract to each other when too close.


AF modulator in Transmitter what is the A? Hi all, I have a HP G laptop here that is totally dead.

AO4433 Datasheet PDF

I insist that flux is used. Mayo Hardware Tue Mar 08, With out this power the device won’t display or not able to load daatsheet up process. Measured current with a multimeter and it showed spikes of 2 amps but basically random figures, as the adapter cycled on and off rapidly overload. Great Britain I’m a: Easy way to identified look at the end number of marking code.

I have no idea. The are standard voltage for sensor each Charger ic. Also, is voltage across the fet determined solely by the gate voltage? Learn How to Repair Laptop! The two mosfets one shorts between pin 4 and 5 or Gate to Drain. Part and Inventory Search. But it ao4433 not a hard and fast rule with some Chinese manufacturers, and may need to check the datasheet before assuming they will be the same.

Replaced the burnt part and the board powers up fine now.

AO4433Datasheet(PDF Download), All5Page – Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Inc.

Any tips on how to test them? Laptop only works on charged battery. Pressing the power button gives nothing, qo4433 the AC adapter gives nothing. How to repair Laptop. It’s not a complete short Just trying to help others see things a little clearer.


It now does nothing but “zap” the adapter when I plug it in. HP G Dead If those are shorted you have to replace them propably only one for new ones. Torn completely down, same thing.

AO pdf Datasheet P1 Part Num IC-ON-LINE

Thanks Life for the kind words. And this SO3 also have P or N channel type. National Semiconductor, Fairchild and others.

Mayo Hardware Wed Feb 16, Otherwise there should be some resistance one way. Or at least, the culprit. Find More Posts by amirbassim. Thanks for the help. The worst datashert could happen is that they blow and you’re back where you started.

Laptop Power Issues – Laptop Repair | Laptop Repair Guide

Ill report back when I get them and fit them with the results. Wel’p, there’s our problem! All ao443 are GMT I’d love to know what could’ve caused this blow-out though, if anyone has any suggestions How do you get an MCU design to market quickly?

I was talking with some guy on polish electronic forum and he had similar problem with NC