With the Aplio MX, hospitals will be able to complete advanced ultrasound exams , usually performed with larger, more expensive ultrasound. Features highlighted on the Aplio MX ultrasound machine include the ease of one-touch optimization through Quickscan. This saves time and automatically. 3 Replies. Hello!! Someone could help me, because I have an APLIO MX and I need the license and the updated password to access the.

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TOSHIBA APLIO MX used ultrasound system | Medical Store

I am stuck Liberia Capital. The whole lower control panel goes out. The device stored in a warehouse. Purchase document defines annual warranty period up to Has anyone seen this before or have any splio.

Toshiba Aplio MX Forums

Skip over Search Search: Do you have any default passwords? By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Toshiba – Aplio MX. I am looking for the part number for the 2D Focus toggle switch.

It still works but you have to push down on it obviously. Warranty card was not presented for inspection. Set key is not working while taking measurement caliper ,all other selections can do with this set key. Send this page Print page. Hello friends, I need a little help Help The search help offers you tips and information on improving your search results. I need to register the Worklist server on the Aplio MX ultrasound, but from what I read in the manual I need to access the service menu, correct?


Remove Subscription Confirm Remove. High-end ultrasound diagnostic system used for routine clinical and research work. Irregularities were not found, system starts properly, probes generate an image. Do you have this manual? Please review our Privacy Policy for more details.

Log on Close Personal Layer. The clasps on the switch is broke. How do I get this license and the aplko password? I need to reassign a key from a dead user interface key to an unused one. Our website uses cookies so that you can place orders and we can provide a better service. Close Personal Layer Name of User. Decrease font size Increase font size Font size. Participant of the Sale is obliged to inspect in detail the technical condition, completeness of the equipment as well as technical and maintenance documentation of the Subject of the Sale.

Technical and operational documentation was not presented for inspection. I do not have a parts manual. Forums Documents Parts Videos News.


Control panel LEDs go out. I accept cookie policy. The device in good condition, damages were not reported.

Post-lease equipment

You can add Community Subscriptions in palio search bar that says “Subscribe to more communities I need a service manual with parts list for our Toshiba Aplio MX machines. Do not show this message. Display in Community Feed. What I found was that the toggle switch is square and made out of plastic.

This site uses cookies. Any information, photographs, technical data, expert appraisals, etc.

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