?products_id=29&osCsid= 44bfac0b83fdedaca8ae Arahat Athersata. “The Precious One Who Contemplates. ARAHAT ATHERSATA (Sanskit) which means: “The precious one who contemplates the times” Excerpt from the inspired writing from a higher spiritform. Javier V. Maldonado ha descubierto este Pin. Descubre (¡y guarda!) tus propios Pines en Pinterest.

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Meditation From Clear Visibility. Rebirth, Life, Dying, Death and Sorrow. The Truth about the Pleiades. It takes a spirit 60 to 80 billion years to evolve into this pure spirit form.

The genuine secrets of the secret sciences are effectively only very difficult to gain access to, and are known to only a few initiated circles. Existing Life in the Universe. Approach to the Reality. This is because one arrived at the view that various things to do with the secret sciences could only help the average person if they were made accessible to him.

Consequently, they are therefore kept secret, whereby countless false teachings of the most various sciences can be sustained. Und diese Geheimnisse sind so tiefgreifend an Wissen, dass sie wahrhaftig ungeheuerlich sind.

Arahat Athersata

My existence in material form has since ur-times ceased and has found itself in the Being of a to you foreign sphere, which you are still far subordinate.

Thus also false teachings of psychiatry, of religions and of the fringe and spiritual sciences, and so on.

So folge meinen Gedanken athersataa lege sie nieder in bleibender und guter, lesbarer Schrift. Nokodemion, his series of personalities. Laws and recommendations of the behaviors. Wie denkt man also positiv? After 60 to 80 billion years, the half-spirit form—the half-material form respectively—transforms itself into the first pure spirit form and enters the level of Arahat Athersata.


The financial industry would disappear, and war, strife, hunger and every evil of the world would suddenly cease, because, in a peaceful world, no holder of power and maker of capital could any longer begin to make a push for the acquisition of power and the piling up of money in the financial industry. As the most strictly forbidden knowledge, everything was incorporated into the secret sciences, to which no normal outsider ever had access.

Flight through Time and Space. It may contain errors. Daher erscheint ihm dieses Wissen als ein Buch mit sieben Siegeln. Wiki tools Special pages. From the Depths of Outer Space. The following is an unauthorized preliminary translation by Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg of www.

A false teaching, once constructed, would be, however, unwaveringly advocated and defended, whereby athegsata effective truth would suffer and be suppressed. Questions to Billy from May Were the masses of humanity to athrrsata the knowledge of the secret sciences – what their monstrous life-affirmative uses, progress and success would bring – then, in the shortest period of time, religions and politics would be exterminated. Because knowledge means monstrous power and the correct formation of life.

All of that would, however, thereby be prevented as long as the secret sciences are not made accessible to normal average people, because they would bring sudden deep cognitions and the end of all power and business-makers, of which politics and religions are the greatest. The Arahat Athersata is also the first level or plane where dwell the pure spirit forms.


Richtig denken und wissen ist eine so ungeheure Macht, dass sie restlos alles anzuziehen und herbeizuziehen vermag, was der Mensch sich denkt und ersehnt. Mission Why only Billy? The time of my Being’s existence has become as in the large sea of duration.

Arahat Athersata | FIGU-Shop

Page actions View View source History More. As viewer of the times I recognised the truth of the things in their origin and in their effects, which I will now reveal through you in to you human beings understandable words.

And these secrets are so far reaching in their knowledge that they are truly monstrous. As a result of aragat, very many facts become twisted and unrecognized, although they essentially should bring the correct and natural solution through a correct and healthy thought process.

Law of the Love. Meine Gedanken dringen zu dir, dir eine Schrift zu inspirieren, die du niederschreiben sollst.

Du bist verwundert, meine Gedanken in dir zu erfassen, doch wirst du bald verstehen, dass du deiner Verwunderung nicht bedarfst. Even today the immeasurable knowledge of humanity, which was collected over monstrous periods of time, lies hidden in the inaccessible secret sciences, and will be defended and kept hidden from the broad masses of humanity by the bigwigs and secret scientists until the death of the Pope. Denn Wissen bedeutet ungeheure Macht und richtige Gestaltung des Lebens.

Introduction into the Meditation.