Easergy MiCOM P63x – Transformer Differential Protection and Control Devices. Models available: Easergy MiCOM P, Easergy MiCOM P, Easergy. MiCOM P . ). DIFF: Id,1. Vol. 1, Fig. , (p. ). P P/EN M /RA // P A Publishing: Schneider Electric. 03/ MiCOM. P/P/P/P Transformer Differential Protection. Version and legal relationships and any obligations on the part of AREVA.

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Implemented VLAN and port assignment functionality allows the use of advanced network architectures by splitting the physical network into a logical SCADA system network and maintenance network.

By entering the nominal values of transformer windings and associated CTs, users obtain amplitude and vector group matching.


All mivom protocols are available in the same device and can be selected by setting. Major enhancement to cybersecurity The Easergy MiCOM P63x range has operational and cybersecurity features, compliant with IECthat help protect installations with security based on embedded features such as role based access control RBACport hardening, security logs and access traceability.

Applications Transformers Generators Busbars Motors. Features The Easergy Mivom P63x series provides fast and selective differential protection with optional hardware and software features to satisfy your individual needs.

MiCOM P, Data Model Explorer | Schneider Electric

It is user-friendly, provides clear readings from extensive recordings, and is available in a modular housing. The mmicom also incorporate many supplementary protective backup functions. The Easergy MiCOM P63x series provides fast and selective differential protection with optional hardware and software features to satisfy your individual needs.

Easergy MiCOM P63x series differential protection devices are designed for fast, selective, short-circuit protection of transformers, motors, generators and other installations. Next, discover our energy and sustainability services, including big data management, to turn this vision into your business reality. It provides a scalable solution for your hardware and software needs.


High-speed, three-system differential protection Easergy MiCOM P63x provides high-speed, three-system differential protection using a triple-slope characteristic and two high-set differential elements in combination with transformer inrush restraint, overfluxing restraint and through-stabilization.

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