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Can anyone help me by suggesting anatomy books to help me with my figure drawings?

Since I am very new to this, it would be a good idea to read up such things as early as possible to avoid any bad habbits setting in, and also to help me produce better work from the start. Also any helpful figure drawing books you can suggest would also be appreciated.

Particuarly books that are avaliable in Australia. What makes it interesting is it has anatomy on 11 different animals as well as humans. You sometimes forget that you have yourself to study. Examine your own body, feel it, touch it, and understand it.

What the latin names are for everything is really not important. A mirror, two hands and your off!! Thanks for the book suggestions ArtistOz.

Matt, up until now I have used nothing but myself as a study, but there are some body parts that are hard to get a good idea of when you’re using yourself. Theres only so much a mirror can show I’m hoping to find a book that can help with those between parts that we cannot decifer quite so easily with just ourselves as models. Then again, I could always start prodding and poking my partner when I need ideas on the male body LOL He’d be thrilled with that idea: It’s easy to dismiss this book: But it worked for me; at least it got me past the stick-figure phase.

Another good thing is, it’s been around so long it’s available in several cheap reprints and can bevsrly be found at second-hand bookstores. Cheap and possibly second hand sounds like a good thing to me lol Thanks for the suggestion Neil. I’ll keep an eye out: Its full of wonderful ways to simplifying begerly human form.


You cant go wrong with it. I noticed your figure postings and they look very promising. Are you in a Figure Drawing Class? I was curious if they were drawn from life. Andrew Loomis’ books available on the Internet: Thankyou both for helping me out: My figure drawings so far are not from life. I have been unable to start up a life drawing class at this stage so I’m afraid I’m working from ref pics. It probably shows lol Thanks again. I think i would only drive myself insane if i attempted learning all the ins and outs of a human body.

Otherwise I could just contact my friend who’s studying nursing this year and is doing an anatomy class. But somehow i dont think her textbooks will be what i want. I artistjc just have to go steal Ciarrai’s book for a day. Thanks for your tips. Everyone has been so helpful.

I am compiling a bit list of books right this moment from everyones suggestions. So thanks again everyone: I’ve been taking an artistic anatomy the past couple of years. My instructor has recommended that one of the best ways to learn the anatomy is to start by drawing the bones and then laying the muscles on top.

Artistic Anatomy : Paul Richer :

Pay close attention to the insertion points of the muscles. That’s where they connect to the bone. Often it’s somewhat different than what we think we see. I have a hae of anatomy books that are geared towards artists. My favorites of them would be: Artistic Anatomy by Dr.

Paul Richer and translated by Robert Beverly Hale: Gyorgy Feher This book is a pretty massive pages. The proportions and foreshortening instruction is invaluable. Andrew Loomis is a great artist Harmony. I did a quick search on the library site yesterday and they do have several of the suggested books there. Alot of them are out at the moment but I could request them so I get them when they come back in.

Since Harmony wanted to compile a list from here, I actually took everybody’s comments plus added one more book. In this manner all you do is copy and paste the list or just print it for your reference.


As far as Im concerened the best book for your buck is by Stephen Peck. Gyorgy Feher This book is a pretty massive pages My own comments: I recently spoke to an art teacher who swears by the Loomis book: I wonder if it is the same as the “Human Anatomy mentioned before” already mentioned.

I have seen both titles on the net but wonder if there is any differences between those two. Thanks for this Techie. It will definately make the overall list alot clearer for anyone who wants this same help in the future.

Makes the titles more easily accessable. First published in They might have done a few Books hope this helps. Sounds like a good book.

All these suggestions have been great. I hope this thread anaotmy others out also. I did and printed it out Hey Geckonia, I think i’ve checked this site out after an earlier recommendation, artostic I am yet to have a really good look at it.

So far I’ve book marked until i get the chance to take a better look.

Artistic Anatomy

Unforunately im running low on ink for my printer and i need whats left to print out my finaly assignment for the sememster or i would have done the same. Very good idea though: One great book is called On Drawing By Leonardo.

And yes it is by THE Leonardo. There’s also three great books by Geovonni Civadri. If you can find old copies if his book there Anatomh. There still published today but the illustrations aren’t as good as in the older books. I do including On Drawing by Leonardo too. I also ppaul Anatomy for Artists ,Good luck!

Thanks for those suggestions Danny. I’m amazed books from such an early era are still in print. So they should be!