Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ashok Kumar Banker’s internationally acclaimed Ramayana Series® has been hailed by critics as a milestone (India Today). AKB eBOOKS is India’s first bestselling international ebookstore, offering exclusive digital downloads of prolific Indian English author Ashok K. Banker’s. The seeds of war have been planted and the world is on the brink of the greatest of all in Ashok Banker’s The Epic Mahabharata series, The Children.

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Ashok Banker

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I can’t write a page or line without feeling as if I am writing about people around me, living breathing people with epic problems and challenges. I take an average of 30 years to gestate an idea. Usually delivered in days? In India, the Series continues to enjoy popularity and sales. Browse the carousel menu above to view thumbnails of our current and forthcoming releases.

Write a customer review. Burnt Saffron Sky Kali Rising qshok King of Ayodhya Ramayana Banker, Ashok.

So it’s actually the other way around so far: King of Ayodhya Mahxbharata 7: But my only intention was to bring it alive, to make the reader feel, see, hear, smell, react, experience It took me most of my life just to be able to sit home and write and read, and since I was able to afford to do just these things, I do nothing else. I began my Epic India plan in the mids when I was barely a teen.


The Seeds of War Mahabharat Series.

Flute of Vrindavan KC 4: If you’d like us to review banke book, do write in to us. There will be as many retellings as there are people willing to tell them.

Rate these in order of preference, with reasons: The first series fiction to find such success in Indian publishing, it has since been followed by numerous imitators, spawning the burgeoning mythology genre.

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Prince of Ayodhya Ramayana series. Ashok Banker worked as a successful freelance journalist and columnist for several years, breaking front-page news for publications such as The Times of IndiaMumbai, and cover stories [15] for Outlook magazineNew Delhi. If you compare the four versions of Ramayana written by these four writers: Colours of fiction”Banker’s views about bias: In the 90s, when I published more ‘fantasy’ and ‘science fictional’ stories, I was sometimes compared to other SF authors of earlier times.

What if Sita had written her Sitayana? In Thailand, the kings still claim lineage from Rama himself and include the name Rama in their full birth names.

Mahabharata Series by Ashok K. Banker

I began Gods of War in but conceived it in the early 80s and finished it in When my first ‘Devi’ stories and other stories and poems began coming out in the 80s, people compared mahabhrata to various writers – I remember one reference to Rimbaud, another to Walter Scott.

Ashok Banker books Mahabharat Ramayana.


Bookaholic Blogcommunity Powered By Ringsurf. We support the creation of an Epic India Library: Words can not express how awesome they are. Slayer of Kamsa KC 2: Having written them, I disappear into the footnotes of history.

That is how it should be. I read voraciously across all genres with literary fiction and crime fiction taking up most of my bookshelf space. The stories of his ” Devi ” series are short works featuring Avatars of the Hindu goddess Deviand have appeared in various science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazines. It is often credited with being either directly or largely responsible for the current resurgence of interest in mythology.

Bridge of Rama Ramayana series. But the fact is, at the time Harry Potter wasn’t even written by Rowling, let alone published, the LoTR films were only released after my Ramayana was written in fact my publishing contract for Prince of Ayodhya predates and as for Tolkien, I had read him a long time ago and knew that his particular style just wouldn’t do for what I desired to write.

Ashok Banker is back with an enchanting new tale, flawlessly fusing history to magic in The Darkness Before Dawn, the second in the Mahabharata series. The only way to read his work sooner is right here.