RAMAYANA SERIES: THE COMPLETE EDITION – Kindle edition by AKB eBOOKS, Ashok K. Banker. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. : Prince of Ayodhya (Ramayana series) (): Ashok K. Banker: Books. Ramayana has many versions. There are as many as versions of it with many differences. There is a version in which Sita rules the.

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Abnker of Ayodhya – Book One: Vengeance of Ravana reviewed here. Byculla Boy takes its name from the Byculla suburb of Bombay where he and his mother grew up. I read one guy’s disappointed comment on Amazon, to the effect that it was supposed to be something like Lord of the Rings, and he hadn’t found it that way at all. Banker has been credited as the creator and sole scriptwriter story, screenplay and dialogues for A Mouthful of BanketIndia’s first television series in English, originally aired on DD Metro in the Indian sub-continent, retelecast on Star World.

Having depicted different aspects of Ramayana in dance and watched them being performed, it just looked like a theme beaten to death. The details are still very restrictive, but the imagination is clear adhok the minds of the reader — or is it just me?

ramzyana And only Rama, Prince of Ayodhya, can hope to prevent the onslaught of darkness. A real Vamp in this sense. The book is a stark contrast from the other versions of the same story I have read before. After reading thru a few chapters i told my sons not to read this book.

On Time and in great condition! Banker does a great job of bringing This is no Game of Thrones, where you have to wait for a pages for something to happen which you care about.


Ashok Banker – Wikipedia

Most recently, literary critic Zac O’Yeah wrote: Beautiful Ugly and the complementary documentary of the same title are a tribute to his mother, portraying the tragic events of her life. One of the most interesting novels I have ever read. Because I couldn’t really get past these, I found I couldn’t really enjoy the first half of the book.

Black magic, people living for years, magic by manthara etc was too much to digest.

This book begins slowly with horrible images of war. You don’t see a lot of fantasy with ‘paan’ and ‘yojana’ in it. I have been on a mythological trip for a while now. I found a good review of it here http: Sanskrit terms are used all through the book, with no explanation or translation except a glossary in the back.

You may find my review at http: Thank god it’s done. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Not to mention the almost “black and white” characterisation and references to sensual and sexual episodes The sudden appearance of the revered Sage Vishwamitra. To ask other readers questions about Prince of Ayodhyaplease sign up. AB makes reading a divinely magical experience. The lush setting and atmosphere probably make its strong points. Manthara, in this Valmiki version was a truly worthy and frightening foe!

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But, alas, that was not to be. Other books in the series. Banker lost my respect when he pretty much painted Ram as selfish in one of the books – Ram refuses to help Sugreev on the pretext that he has just ended a fight with demons and has to return to Ayodhya in a few months which might not be enough time to deal with Vali.

Here is the full list of the series with links to the reviews and online bookstores: For that matter, French, Spanish, German etc. Although often the most interesting and informative device about Banker’s re-imagined world, the dialog was sometimes either crass and laughable or just completely wannabe.


The storytelling, however is quite gripping. I spoke to a few people about which books to read to gain understanding on these subjects. This version of Ramayana is clearly R-rated, more for the horror. Although I like the detail, it doesn’t do much to the story other than adding a filter on the content. Trivia About Prince of Ayodhya May be the author just wanted the book to be over pages and just kept adding stuff to fill the pages up.

The vision of the author is encapsulated beautifully in these 15 odd pages. Subsequently, Banker has said in numerous interviews that when the time came for him to choose which religion he wished to belong to, he chose simply “to stay human”.

Ramayana Series

The first feeling I got while going through this book was as if I was watching a Bollywood flick. That’s a real accomplishment in a book this long. Manthara was shown to be in Ravana’s pay there The book ends with the brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, leaving their home with Sage Vishwamitra into a feared land to accomplish a task, which they have been ordained to perform. This culture of segregation and systematic damayana turned him away from his estranged biological father’s religion Hinduismand Banker grew up with little or no exposure to Hindu culture, religion or literature.

I found myself devouring the series.

When retelling such a tale the author has ashoi be very careful about how he interprets the text and how he conveys it. Trying to add modern day perspectives does not bring the reader close to the story but quite the opposite.