ASTM F2170-11 PDF

ASTM F formally recognizes the use of in situ probes as a means of conducting relative humidity testing. In fact, ASTM F represents a fundamental. Last previous edition approved in as. F DOI: / F/FA. 2 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM . ASTM F ASTM F RH (Relative Humidity) DOI: /F The ASTM F standard represents a fundamental change in how moisture is.

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Check job site conditions.

10 Guidelines for ASTM F2170 Preparation and Testing

Lignomat has designed the RH BluePeg Probe, sleeves, cable and RH concrete moisture meter for a simple and fail-proof measuring procedure. C2170-11 the initial reading, readings can be updated at any time desired with two conditions in mind: In-situ probes deepen concrete moisture measurement. September 6, at Once you find out the methodology they require to meet warranty, I would reach out to someone within RCI in your area to conduct the tests. Make sure your calibration is up to date.

Reusable sensors should be calibrated by the manufacturer at least once per year, or more often if exposed to conditions that may impact their accuracy. Measuring moisture is our expertise. Click here for a moisture meter. We f217011 cookies for shopping cart functionality, to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. F requires three test holes for the first ft 2 and, at least, one additional hole for each additional ft 2. It can be used for: The standard provides precise guidelines for RH testing methods.

Without studying pages and pages of operation manuals: For most RH testing systems, this includes cleaning any debris out of the test hole and inserting the necessary liner in the hole. April 3, at Each hole must have a liner that isolates the sensor from ambient conditions, and sensors must have NIST-traceable calibration. We have people who use the Rapid RH on shallow pours.


Preparation Confirm your test method equipment meets specifications. Depress SET Button to check settings.

Ligno-Tec RH Concrete Moisture Meter

Concrete absorbs aetm vapor from the air under high ambient humidity; concrete releases more water vapor when the humidity of the surrounding air is low. In-situ concrete moisture testing places sensors, or probes, inside the slab itself. We offer cost efficient, simple solutions to measure moisture. Concrete slab moisture is a major cause of concrete flooring failure. Use up or down buttons to correct settings. Section 9 of the standard requires that both ast, slab and the ambient air above it must be at service conditions for a minimum of 48 hours before testing.

The In-Situ Method In-situ probes deepen concrete moisture measurement. The only thing we recommend is that you ensure that there is a good seal between the sensor body and the concrete wall. As concrete dries, moisture migrates from the bottom of the slab to the surface where it can evaporate away. First, as you probably know, the ASTM standard is silent on this specific topic.

Use ast, checklist to record and report the RH readings. F2710-11 peak season may cause delays. The cap fits perfectly and is as flat as can d2170-11. In that case, builders did not allow the slab sufficient time for concrete moisture levels to equilibrate reach equilibrium moisture content according to relative humidity RH.

This process requires time and quantifiable concrete moisture measurements to verify. The next five have to do with the proper installation and use of the RH test method. I would verify that the hole depths are consistent and that environmental conditions are at service conditions.


The Ligno-Tec RH was designed for reliability and accuracy as well as sturdiness and ease of operation. June 8, at 1: Skip to content Concrete slab moisture is a major cause of f210-11 flooring failure.

In situ moisture measurement systems are evolving rapidly as a result of ATSM F and reflect the industry realities of the concrete installation business. Meeting this standard provides the groundwork for limiting moisture-related flooring problems and the many liabilities and mitigation problems that can result from excess moisture. These requirements for f210-11 standard apply regardless of the RH test method being used.

At this point, if one test fails, they all fail. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Is this acceptable or compromise the test?

Ligno-Tec RH Concrete Test Conforms to ASTM F

Asfm 7, at 3: I hope this helps. G2170-11 check the calibration we offer calibration check salts. For flooring and concrete professionals, ASTM F provides the standard for using relative humidity RH testing when measuring moisture content in concrete slabs.

Concrete slab moisture problems can cause floor covering delamination, peeling, blistering, staining and sweating. Without it, even a well-dried and functioning foundation can end up with concrete slab moisture problems. Logically then, moisture levels at the bottom of a slab will read higher from those at the surface.

January 9, at