For more information, see the ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users. If your system includes ATG Content Administration, you can access these features . This software or hardware is developed for general use in a variety of information management applications. It is not The software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group. Oracle ATG Web Commerce. Additional Products. Oracle provides additional products that run on top of the ATG platform. Typically these must be Personalization Guide for Business Users.

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Includes information about server management, database configuration, session management, performance planning, and troubleshooting.

Intended for system administrators and those responsible for installing and personalizaation the applications.

ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users

Shows how to create user segments, targeters, and content groups. Intended for business users.

Includes information on creating and managing user profiles, organizations, and roles. Intended for system administrators and developers.


ATG Campaign Optimizer User Guide

Intended primarily for JSP developers, but should also be read by programmers who are new to the product suite. Includes examples and reference information about developing applications with the Dynamo Application Framework.

Presents programming concepts for advanced users, including SQL repositories, LDAP repositories, secured repositories, and composite repositories. Includes examples and reference information to help programmers develop applications using the repository API.

Includes information on setting up profile repositories, creating targeting rules and services, configuring scenario servers, and adding custom scenario events and actions. Describes how to use the ATG Control Center to perform typical tasks such as segmenting site visitors, defining rules for personalizing site content, and using scenarios to create promotional campaigns. These plugins assist users in performing tasks such as creating ATG servers, creating database tables, configuring datasources, and assembling application EAR files.

Also provides sample JavaServer Pages from the demo.

Intended for programmers and site administrators. Intended for business users and page developers.

Oracle ATG Web Commerce Documentation

Includes information about Dynamic Search and Navigation, which can be used to create navigational structures for Commerce sites based on facets. Provides details about how the site is built using Pesonalization Commerce main components and customized components.


Provides details about how the site is built using ATG Consumer Commerce main components and customized components.

The site is intended to be used as an example or template for your own Web site. Describes personalizaion to install and configure ATG Merchandising. Provides detailed information on all ATG Merchandising activities, including managing product catalogs; setting up promotions and pricelists; and configuring rules that determine the search results displayed to customers. Also describes how to deploy content to a production Web site. Intended for system administrators, developers, and page developers.

Intended for content developers and editors.