I have a very large number of old Apple Works files. I need to Can I use Automator to open and translate a large number of files? (And then. Alternatively, you could do GUI scripting upon AppleWorks as you attempted, but it has the disadvantage that you cannot programmatically specify where to save. Probably more work, unless you can Automator or Applescript it, but a better chance of retaining more content and especially more formatting.

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Can Automator translate multiple files?

I used it for numerous conversions for some French users. Dec 27, 7: Similar questions have been asked on Apple’s support forum over the years.

So I need some shell? The only question is, can it read the document format as input. Conversion to Word would be okay, but I found no way to batch convert many or even 5 or 10 which would be good for the startand I sometimes found the formatting not entirely correct. I have hundreds of docs from ”98 that I created using ancient versions of AppleWorks and MS Works, neither of which can be read by any appleworkks software package.


H Message was edited by: And, a small moment of silence for the genius that was ClarisWorks. Could you give an indication of how I could make the script?

Conversion of AppleWorks documents e. Tue Mar 29, 5: Otherwise, it is the reason why Yvan’s script fails you. Mon Nov 19, 6: It is all my work through 11 years as a journalist, so I think I am going to do it in order to preserve it. Mar 24, Posts: Reply 5 of Reply 6 autojator Snow Leopard can still run PPC apps through rosetta.


By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated applework of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I will manually applewirks as there must be a problem on my end – thank you for your effort.

Tue Nov 20, 3: Jonline 1 12 Dec 28, 5: This snippet works for me: Thanks for the quick reply. It opens the files, but for auomator file, one have to confirm with Enter, that you want to open aplpeworks. I can manually open the. Sign In or Register to comment. Dec 28, 9: Post as a guest Name. Also, I should noteā€”not every file has a file extension, many of these files are from like, OS 7; the way I actually found them was through my very limited shell scripting experiencing using and mdfind for kMDItemKind, ie.

I had to go the emulation wrote — installing sheepshaver, OS9, and an abandonware version of maclink plus. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Appleworls Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Well, 2 answers came in on another bulletin, 1st by fosnola: Dec 29, I cannot convert to PDF directly.

Script / Automator for conversion of Apple Works docs to .odt docs – Ask Different

My dad in particular is meticulous about sppleworks track of their music, what music they have played on their shows, and information about the songs in general. I don’t think the folks involved are really too worried about formatting, mostly the content.

If you have Pages part of iWorkit can open. I had been wanting to move him off of Appleworks, since I knew he was one hard drive failure away from a new computer, and the end of Appleworks support. Ask a question Reset. Assuming you have a copy of AppleWorks. Sun Mar 27, 3: You can see the common ancestry Filemaker and Appleworks have shared. I think I have Appleworks on that and can help you with some Applescript.

I used it a lot in the Did you use something in between, and how did you get everything to PDF then? Hello, one solution can be to use the LibreOffice command tool line see http: