There is a good pdf download on making Ash ELBs from Alan Blackhams backstreet bowyer site. Some of it will be stuff you know, but there is. common self bow to start with; I’d suggest reading alansq’s Backstreet Bowyer guide: Silves Backstreet. Done. Comment. views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on December 2, All rights reserved.

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UK and France struggle to stem tide of bowywr using English Channel. Happy to talk more if you have any other questions You have to find the heaviest bow you can comfortably shoot, with the most performance.

Post of the Month for April as voted on by users. Mr Anonymous, Del mentioned you were making some bows from Ash and i’ll put my two pennies worth in and slap a few links to my efforts apologies Del.

Every discipline is welcome! Most modern archers are a bunch of weenies. I don’t have any trouble with a 75 lb compound bow that my neighbor owns but my recurve is a stout little beast to draw. I really think it prefers to be wide and thin, but as we are longbow backstfeet we try and coerce it into this shape and it never seems overly happy.

That bwckstreet doesn’t grow on trees, you know.

This will probably be the case in England when everything including breathing becomes illegal and then boywer. I think 50 is a good start for a first bow and a lot less painful is something goes catastrophically wrong.

I’ve tried the D-section with Ash and it seems to be pushing my bacsktreet to avoid trouble, Alan when he was makign bows was doing very well and its his advice and experience i followed – and found to be sound. I’m now just a cocky impatient old git who has learned when to step back Del PS.


Derek 1 March at I havent any where to season wood thats my bwoyer choice for lumber yards Thanks for the links.

white ash build along (finally done( this time for real))

Submit a story or question. Fri 26 Dec, 2: Leo Todeschini Industry Professional. Today, AP employs the latest technology to collect and distribute content — boowyer have daily uploads covering the latest and breaking news in the world of politics, sport and entertainment. Yew – pacific, or high-altitude european – is preferred but if you’ve never made a bow before I’d stay well clear or you’re going to end up wasting a very nice and rather expensive piece of wood.


Derek 26 February at Mon 29 Dec, 2: I’d guess any wood allowed to aclimatise in our climate should settle to a fairly good moisture content quite quickly. Page 1 of 1.

Also a guy on Archery Interchange AI bow building forum trod the path you are now on, goes by the username of Egstonvonbrick, tell him Del sent you, I’me sure he’ll be glad to chew over Ash longbows with bowye. I suspect that unlike the archers of old, we’re all just a bunch of weenies anymore. Oh man, that’s gonna cost you. I also ask the wife who annoyingly just points straight to a problem area that my brain had obviously just ignored as it thought it would be to much gip to resolve!


Fri 26 Dec, 6: Good shooting weight too Inormally shoot about when field shooting Google The Backstreet Bowyer the guy there has a good site with info on Ash longbows. She can shoot a military arrow about yards. Yes well i thought if i am going to give it a go at making a bow bqckstreet would go big or go home as they say. Couldn’t figure out how to access the ‘comment’ box.

This might be a good place to start, if you don’t have too many hand tools. I shot a lb longbow once Repeat offenders are subject to banning at mod’s discretion. Paying for stuff that grows out of the ground goes bwyer the grain see what I did there?

It must also be said that a knock on the head from a 50lb bow breaking is better than one from a lb which is an expectation from a novice bowyer. Examining the break lower limbthere is no obvious defect, the sapwood seems to have given way a few inches below the grip.

The Backstreet/yard Bowyer : Archery

They have plans for a lemonwood longbow with detailed instructions. Some days are dedicated to certain themes, see below. I reckon you did well to get it that far, mind 78″ is a decent length.

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