The title more or less says it all, but for some background, the Badab War has some of my favorite chapters involved in it – like the. Explore Braden Wrightstone’s board “Badab war” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Space marine, Warhammer 30k and Space wolves. Inside this book are full histories and dispositions of the nine Space Marine Chapters who played the most significant part in the Badab War’s early stages.

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The Astral Claws assigned detachments waar further train the Tyrant’s Legion in order to purge them of weak elements. If you can’t get to the point in a few paragraphs, it might not be worth posting. Elsewhere the main Salamanders force led by Captain Mir’san had descended into the heart wqr the enemy, deploying their troops and armour into a defensive ring at the centre of the training camps.

The wreckage of bdab smugglers’ base was discovered in the dust wastes of the forlorn world of Corcyra II. This heavily contested world soon turned into a savage battleground as the Raptors, Salamanders and Fire Angels Chapters clashed against the Astral Claws and Mantis Warriors amid the tangled bzdab often lethal vegetation.

It was also noted that the Carcharodons had deliberately plundered and scavenged, both in terms of gear, resources and indeed human life. With the increase of Huron’s tally of victories, and the curtailing of corsair activity and the increase of production never before reached, the fame of the Astral Claws ‘Tyrant’ grew beyond the Maelstrom Zone.

The remaining 37 surviving Fire Angels were marooned on Sigard VI under the care of their surviving Apothecary and wqr med-servitors, while their battered vessel was taken by the Mantis Warriors as their prize.

Thousands of heretics fell within the opening minutes of the battle as Whirlwind launchers, Destructor pattern Predators and the ordered ranks of the Salamanders let loose with a salvo at almost point blank range. News of the massacre soon spread across Galen VI, and a shroud of baadab descended upon the planet. By the end of The Marines Errant and Fire Hawks came back from their asskicking to fight again, aided by the newcomers of the Novamarines.

The death of the revered Dreadnought Confessor Titus struck a hammer-blow to the Howling Griffons’ morale. The Minotaurs attacked indiscriminately, attacking not only the thirty-plus Secessionist-controlled minor worlds and stations, but also overlooked independent minor outposts.

In pursuing this strategy across a broad front, hoping to reveal a weakness in the Secessionist defences the Loyalists soon discovered, quite remarkably, that no such weaknesses were apparent. The Fire Drakes, assaulting from their craft into the billowing black palls of smoke turned confusion and destruction into a massacre, their Storm Bolters and Cyclone Missile Launchers sweeping the panicked foe away before any resistance could be organised.


They don’t have to create a new batch of “weaker” and “softer” Marines just because they need to cover for losses. The Minotaurs immediately dispatched a rapid strike force to attack the vessel and succeeded in catching it and crippling its main drives, preventing it from fleeing the system.

As the Angels of Death fell amongst the beleaguered defenders, their end was swift and brutal, and by dawn Vyaniah was in Loyalist hands as the Tyrant’s Legion was put to the sword.

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Only four orbital platforms were taken out of action and though they managed to damage Vyaniah’s manufactory complexes, production was not significantly affected. However, the sudden surge of loyalist Astartes into the sector, as well as the return to active duty of the cleared Fire Hawks and Marines Errant, meant that despite their losses, the loyalists had bdaab a stalemate in the war for the Maelstrom Zone.

With the aid of the Lamenters and Mantis Warriors Collectively known as the Maelstrom Wardershe ruled the Maelstrom Zone, named because it contained the warp rift known as the Maelstrom.

This resulted in the heaviest naval engagement of the war to date, resulting in the indecisive Battle of Silent Reach in early While the Fire Hawks and the newly arrived Raptors Baadab conducted patrol and escort operations, the Red Scorpions, Marines Errant and Novamarines conducted a three-pronged raid on the Vyaniah System, with the target of damaging its production capacity and orbital transshipping platforms.

This distance was shown in their standing representative to the war council — the gaunt, brooding and taciturn Chaplain Ivanus Enkomiwhose red-rimmed eyes observed all, although he barely spoke a word during the gatherings.

Even if they badb no bank they can harvest new progenoid glands from their marines every 10 years. For Huron and the Astral Claws were the pre-eminent part of an organization created by the High Lords of Terra themselves; the Maelstrom Wardersa group of Space Marine chapters permanently assigned to the Maelstrom Zone as its guardians and protectors.

Destroying the power generators that supplied them, Badab’s defense guns were finally silenced and legions of Ordo Hereticus Stormtroopers joined the Star Phantoms’ offensive.

Image – Badab War Original Colours | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They proceeded to turn Iblis into badb wasteland inhabited only by shell-shocked survivors. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This force was to include the fleet-based Lamenters and Charnel Guard Chapters to patrol the outer regions, and also incorporated the Mantis Warriors who were based in the nearby Endymion Cluster.

Further Inquisitorial research would eventually establish that the reasons Huron had withheld gene-seed for so long was that not only was he attempting to enlarge the size of the Astral Claws beyond Codex norms, he was attempting to secretly rebuild the almost wiped-out successor chapter, hiding the extant members within their parent chapter.


Inquisitorial interrogation of an Astral Claws Apothecary captured during the battle for Surngraad’s polar fortress revealed to the general shock of the interrogators that the prisoner was not in fact an Astral Claw by origin at all, but was in fact a former member of the Tiger Clawsa Chapter long thought lost. Many years ago, there was an asshole actually quite decent fellow at first called Lugft Huronwho controlled the Astral Claws and a sector called Badab.

Badly mauled, the stranded Badah Hawks and Karthan troops found themselves cut abdab from supply and behind enemy lines. The Red Scorpions and Salamanders jointly conduct a secret plan of attack, deploying a small elite force to sabotage and prevent the Secessionists from claiming the ‘bounty’ of the independent Forge World of Angstrom.

With the imperium divided as it is, is a strength, you can’t have 1 person commanding the souls of both the navy and the guard. The Red Scorpions conducted raiding attacks on Astral Claws space lanes, while the Sons of Medusa and Novamarines interdicted the Endymion Cluster and the Sagan system respectively, beginning to pin down Secessionist forces.

To further add to the Secessionists’ dreadful losses, was the loss of Vyaniah, which finally fell after a massive joint assault by the Minotaurs and Red Scorpions Chapters. Hundreds of warships and thousands of troops were lost in the early campaigns during the Great Crusade era, and with the rest of the galaxy to reconquer, the Emperor declared the region Purgatus. Eventually the Mantis Warriors, who made their home in the Tranquility system, were forced to intervene, but this played directly into the Carcharodons’ plans.

Although initially a cause for concern, such matters were not uncommon, particularly those Space Marine Chapters deployed to border areas or on crusade, simply because the Chapter itself might have a temporary need to retain the gene-seed itself to sustain battlefield losses.

Arriving without warning in Wars of Secession – War in Heaven Unable to enforce their will decisively, the increasingly desperate Karthan lords, near bankrupted by this stage, attempted to circumvent Badab itself, taking the far longer and more perilous route in order to access the lost tithes directly to make up their shortfall. M41, whispers had reached Imperial intelligence operatives of the Tyrant’s increasing violence and paranoia, and of the further tightening of his murderous stranglehold on those worlds he still controlled.