Novel Illustrations[edit]. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Front and Back Cover. Front Cover. Prominence VS. Nega Nebulous. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Green Grandeur, Purple Thorn, Ivory Tower, Yellow Radio, Blue Knight and Scarlet Rain. Shinomiya Utai. Ardor Maiden. Kuroyukihime.

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If there is any, please post it in the page: I’d like to download it, make me easier to read on iPad So for volume 1, the kanji translate to Kuroyukihime obviously.

I’m well aware that the author generally doesn’t name volume names after characters. Kuro obviously translate to black, yuki translates to snow, and hime is princess.

Accel World:Volume 13 Illustrations

So it should be Black Snow Princess. I don’t agree with Princess Snow Black, that just doesn’t make sense at all. Heck, even regular Wikipedia got the title right. Wait, why was I here again? Well, thanks for your hard work, Explorer SonodaYuki talk Was wondering if it is ok for me to begin uploading the illustrations for the remaining volumes of Accel World. Will not start until I get the ok from you.

Will follow your naming conventions for the images.

Should begin uploading the images in the next few days. Appriciate all of your work — Ff7 freak Thank you very much for your translations — BeginnerXP. The problem was that each if then function was on a newline. Putting them all in the same line eliminated the problem at the cost of the code becoming just a little harder to understand.

But I believe that to be an acceptable price. Zero – Talk – At first each if then function was on a separate line meaning after each function ended I pressed enter and then wrote on the next line.

Accel World:Volume 14 Illustrations

That was what caused the problem. I corrected bxka by putting all the if then functions on the same line. But the downside is that the brackets in the code will now make the code even harder to understand ie: Anyways it’s fixed, and that’s all that matters. Feel free to ask for my help whenever you want.

Anyways, thanks for bxka volume 2. Normally I put answers in the talk page of the one who asked the question, but this is getting to be like a FAQ, so I will put it here. Someone offered to help me finish the rest of AW volume 1, but he is busy with real life. Xplorer30 – Talk The anime has begun to worl released.


Interest in Accel World will now increase. It’s a good time to pick up the wogld pace as well as recruit new translators for the project. Hurry or you’ll be left behind by the anime. I’m thinking about registering as an editor for the Accel World project, may I? I had translated whatever stuff that it’s inside the book No doubt I’m also wondering how my translation skills varies. I know they talk about the base clock of the heart and the Brain Burst Theory in Kanji Version, but it’s just not covered in the CN source It seems to me that the CN version had just simply summarized everything with direct translation that puts me into hardworking mode as I had to correct the grammar and stuffs like that However, for the sake of the Fans I will try and edit whenever I can, but for now, I think whatever I have, I will just translate it.

As the growing number of Accel World Fans are increasing Definitely they’ll be curious about the novels too. From there, Tsumi will edit it slowly. If there’re editors around accel, I guess it should be pretty easy that we’ll be able to have the updated series for the Novel from Volume 1 – Hope we’ll work together soon for this project. JinXiang – Talk – I do know what’s going on with the novel, I will add details to it. Also I will try and extract the Japanese version and Translate it whenever I can, however This will take me loads of time.

I guess I will do the summarize version on my office-word first before going into details. That will make things easier for me for now. Unless there’s someone who’s strong in Translation Works I’m getting it now is willing to stalk this page and help I shall get things started then.

Accel World:Volume SS1 Illustrations – Baka-Tsuki

Xplorer, as I was looking through it the previous works, I found pretty amusing with the grammar and stuffs like that Could I edit some of the words as I had found a better word to describe it? Could I change it to Do check preview vol 1. I had used a different source — JinXiang – Talk – I got the source from CN still but however it is a acecl different that I got from the book.


Hmm I can only read some japanese. I’m still learning though. I’m working during the noon time till late night so I can only translate during the morning. I’m trying my best to go on schedule by producing one chap weekly if I could.

Will let u know when I have done everything for that chapter. May god bless me lol. I tskki checked with regards to what u had said.

I will see to it. Lol I tot I remembered that u do want it in detail format? Then again he did kneel and pray lol.

I’m currently still in bed now. I had all of it. But is he active still? I have my friend from aus that is willing to help but currently having exams. I saw his works. I will get him to contact u when he’s done.

Hmm if that’s the case. I would love to see hw it varies between the cn version and jp raw. As both types of CN source gave me this. U simply look through it? I do have a BT forum account. No wonder u kept telling me there’s a missing paragraph. For now I’m on own but feel free to look around the novels if u gt time. Since quality pawns quatity. Yup I just got it I teuki all of it vol 1 – acccel thanks again. I guess there’s a need to update on what’s been done on Accel World novel for today right??

As in a daily report to let project supervisor know what’s been done for today. Hopefully I can finished it by tomorrow.

XD — JinXiang – Talk – I kinda fallen sick now So might take up abit more time. Ok I will let you know once I had finished. And then I will start the editing and back to Chapter 6.

Accel World:Registration Page – Baka-Tsuki

If you don’t have a problem with it then shouldn’t it be fine for now? And I haven’t seen any other admin or supervisor having a prob with it so far.

I’d appreciate it if you could allow me, please. Think of it as a favor to me.

I had done Volume 1 Chapter 5. Ended up there’s editing conflict that almost scare the freak out of me.