Given below is the full text of the judgement sentencing Dr Binayak Sen for life. It is a translation from the Hindi. The translation has been done. Binayak Sen is an Indian paediatrician, public health specialist and activist. He is the national .. Against this judgement, Binayak again applied for bail on 6 January An eight-member delegation of the European Union were present at. Sanhati Statement on the Binayak Sen Judgement. We are deeply anguished by the convictions and sentences of Dr. Binayak Sen, Piyush Guha, and Narayan.

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Moreover, the main evidence that the prosecution has mounted against Sen and Sanyal are the letters and write-ups that the latter allegedly wrote and handed over to Sen when they met in prison.

These are recorded as entries in register, Exhibit P Local markets were made seb shut down, and means of transport close down. He had read about her Naxalite activities in newspapers. Because I would suggest that this law can be used against pretty much anyone in the country on any given day. Vinayak Sen while being held in Ujdgement prison. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Vs State of Maharashtra 3 Crimes There was a police camp under construction in Bandwan where nearly Maoists had gathered, and they attacked the camp in Gudpana that was being constructed, and destroyed it with landmines. Exhibit P 77 is the account of Ilina Sen, acc. According to witness Collector K.

Call details of phone numbers, were also requested. Binayak Sen who is present in the sn today as the accused. They were sentenced to one year imprisonment and Rs fine under section 8 2 of the state Act, to three years prison term and a fine of Rs under section 8 3 of that Act and to five years imprisonment and fine of Rs under its Section 8 5Dubey said. Many lower court judgements are worth praise and several would be packed with flaws.

This is “in contravention of Articles 19 freedom of opinion and xen and 22 freedom of association of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights — to which India is a state party — and that he is charged judgemeng two internal security laws that do not comport with international human rights standards,” it added.


And so, it usually does not get debated in the intellectual circles. This was not accepted by the witnesses. He has identified the photo in the document Exhibit P 60 as the photo of Shankar Singh.

Similarly, the learned counsel for accused Narayan Sanyal has said in his arguments that the letters of Articles A-8, A-9 and A were obtained by the police and the administration through the jail authorities by threatening and pressurizing the accused Narayan Sanyal and forcing him to write them, but he [Narayan Sanyal] is not associated with any Naxalite and terrorist organization and he has been falsely implicated in this case. Three Telugu documents and two CDs were seized from Malati.

Exhibit P and Exhibit P are the orders sanctioning prosecution.

Binayak Sen gets life term

In a interview, Sen stated that he does not condone the Naxalitesdoes not approve of their violent methods, and has spoken strongly against them several times. But, he also expressed his opposition to the violent activities carried out by Salwa Judumwhich he believes, have created a split in the tribal community. Similarly, various pages in book number-2 mention Rupantar organization and describe many other articles. State of Rajasthan, Cr. In this connection, covering memo is shown as Exhibit P bearing the signature judhement Superintendent of Police, Giridih.

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Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. According to this witness, Article A to A in the original were brought by him personally, while typed copies of these articles were previously attached to the case proceedings, the typed copies being Articles A to A This proves beyond doubt that evidences recorded by the prosecution are fake.

Human rights and social activists have described Dr. Inspector BS Jagrit testified that on They have helped Shankar Singh and Amita Shrivastav open Bank accounts and rent houses, providing them with their introduction.


Sen’s bail was revoked and he was taken back into custody.

Binayak Sen – Wikipedia

It asked the state government to provide “best medical aid” to Sen, who is suffering from a heart ailment. Binayak Sen met accused Narayan Sanyal many times in jail claiming to be a relative of Narayan Sanyal, which also proves that the accused knew each other and had a relationship from before the incident, and hence, indulging in criminal conspiracy and working in accordance with said criminal conspiracy is proved.

Investigations stated that Sanyal, who is a member of the highest organization of the Naxalites-Maoists – the ‘Politburo’, executed destructive activities for the Naxalites with the help of Sen and Piyush Guha, which was found to amount to ‘sedition’.

The entries in the list, from 1 to 88 are at Exhibit P 84 and a photocopy of the register recording visits is shown as Exhibit P 48C with his signatures.

Arguments from both the sides were considered. The alleged violations included the murder of unarmed and innocent civilians by the anti-Naxalite movement Salwa Judum. Said call details are in 28 pages, which are Exhibit P to Exhibit Pand they have his signature. These allegations have not been substantiated or proven and have prevented Dr. Sanyal was also awarded 10 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 2, under Section 20 of the Act.

The citation describes him as “one of the most eminent scientists” of India. Article A is a book about Salwa Judum, which does not present Salwa Judum as a spontaneous movement of the people and describes relief camps as prison camps. At that time Amita Shrivastav said she was working in Vivekanand School as a teacher. Dr Binayak Sen found guilty of sedition, gets life imprisonment.

The copy of the chargesheet included in Exhibit D 53 is the same copy that he had received. Retrieved 27 March