It has been suggested that this article be merged with Banu Umayya. (Discuss) Proposed since December The Umayyad dynasty was the first hereditary dynasty in the history of Islam, and the only one to rule over the entire Islamic world of its time. The family took its name from Umayya ibn Abd Shams. After a brief golden era, the Caliphate of Córdoba disintegrated into several. This is a list of people who have held the title of Caliph, the supreme religious and political Banu Adi. 3, Rashidun Caliph Uthman ibn Affan – عثمان بن عفان ثالث الخلفاء “Sufyanids”) to those of Hakam (the “Marwanids”), both of whom were grandsons of Umayya (for whom the Umayyad dynasty is named). This volume covers the Caliphate of Bani Umayyah starting from the rule of Mu’ awiyah bin Abi Sufyan in the 41st year of Hijrah up to the rule of Caliph Marwan.

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Geographically, the empire was divided into several provinces, the borders of which changed numerous times during the Umayyad reign.

Umayyad family tree – Wikipedia

It has been suggested that this article be merged with Umayyad family tree. Both areas had already been partially conquered, but remained difficult to govern. The period also witnessed the introduction….

The Umayyad’s ascendancy began when Uthman ibn Affan, who had been an early companian of Muhammad, became the third Caliph. Retrieved from ” https: At its greatest extent, it covered more than five million square miles 13, km2making it one of the largest empires the world had yet seen, and the seventh largest contiguous empire ever to exist. Muawiya was one of the first to realize the full importance of having a navy; as long as the Byzantine fleet could sail the Mediterranean unopposed, the coast line of Syria, Palestine and Egypt would never be safe.


While the Umayyads felt deep animosity towards the Hashimites before Muhammad born c.

Archived from the original on 21 May On The Mountain Peak. Although the chronology remains somewhat uncertain, the building seems to have been completed inwhich means that it was under construction during the conflict with Ibn al-Zubayr.

Umayyad dynasty

Caliphate Abolished See Taifa. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The failure of the siege marked the end of serious Arab ambitions against the Byzantine capital.

Calipyate Qasimi Ras al Khaymah. Asked for an explanation of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation It was to survive for centuries.

Later the Umayyads were criticized by some Muslims for not reducing the taxes of the people who converted to Islam.

Although not ruling all of the Sahara, homage was paid to the Caliph by Saharan Africa, usually via various nomad Berber tribes. A History of Byzantium. Marwan’s ascension pointed to a shift in the lineage of the Umayyad dynasty from descendants of Abu Sufyan the “Sufyanids” to those of Hakam the “Marwanids”both of whom were grandsons of Umayya for whom the Umayyad dynasty is named.

Reigned until his death. As Islam spread, more and more of the Muslim population became non-Arabs. After the death of Ghulam Ahmad, his successors directed the Ahmadiyya Community from Qadian which remained the headquarters of the community until with the creation of Pakistan.

A Victim of Terror. Az-Zuhri stated that Muawiya led the Hajj Pilgrimage with the people twice during his era as caliph. Insight Guides Silk Road. This situation gave rise to continual discontent with Umayyad rule that took various forms.


Syazwan marked it as to-read Feb 28, These troops became crucial in the suppression of a revolt led by an Iraqi general, Ibn al-Ash’athin the early eighth century. Abu Ya’qub Yusuf II. Abdul Rehman is currently reading it Mar calipate, As the central power of the Umayyad rulers waned in the umayyab years of the dynasty, some governors neglected to send the extra tax revenue to Damascus and created great personal fortunes.

Not universally accepted; actual authority confined to Spain and parts of Maghreb [47] [48]. Banu Umayyah; “Sons of Umayyah” c. Discuss Proposed since December Trivia About The Caliphate of Yazid had appointed his brother, Ibrahimas his successor, but Marwan II —50the grandson of Marwan I, led an army from the northern frontier and entered Damascus in Decemberwhere he was proclaimed caliph.

Caluphate position als Caliph was weakened when he first agreed to an arbitration but then refused to accept the verdict, that both Ali and Muawiyah should step down and a new Caliph be chosen.

Two factions developed within Syria: Ancient Indus Valley Civilisation. Marwan immediately moved the capital north to Harranin present-day Turkey. Marwan ibn Muhammad, the future Marwan II, finally ended the war in with a massive invasion that is reported to have reached as far as the Volgabut the Khazars remained unsubdued. Their birth was remembered for Hashim being born with one of his toes pressed into the younger twin-brother, Abd Shams’s, forehead.