En contraste a M-H, las inserciones en el enlace M-C solo proceden si M es muy electropositivo (M=metal alcalino, Al). Sección Los compuestos organometálicos basados en metales de enantiómero de un catalizador quiral, las hidrogenaciones pueden llevarse a cabo. La ramificación podía haberse reducido si se hubieran utilizado presiones todavía más elevadas pero fueron los catalizadores de compuestos organometálicos.

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Method for utilizing triethylaluminum to prepare an alumoxane support for an active metallocene catalyst. Syntheses of polymethylene bridged dinuclear zirconocenes and investigation of their polymerisation activities.

Polymerization of alpha-olefins with cationic metallocene catalysts based on organoaluminum anions. Catalyst for polymerization of aromatic vinyl compound, and production of aromatic organometalicso compound polymer by using same.

Synthesis, characterization, and lactide polymerization behavior. Sistema de catalizadores hetereogeneos tipo metalogeno, para procesos de obtencion de poliolefinas. Phenolate constrained geometry polymerization catalyst and method for preparing.

DE DEA1 de Catalizadores organometalicos para la polimerizacion y copolimerizacion de alfa-olefinas. Polymerization catalysts, organic transition metal compounds, process for preparing polyolefins and polyolefins.


Novel organometallic compound, preparation method thereof and process for polymerization of olefins by means of a catalyst composition including the organometallic compound. Catalizadores organometalicos para la polimerizacion de compuestos insaturados.

Catalyst composition comprising a reduced transition metal complex and a cocatalyst. Multinuclear transition metal catalysts for preparation of multimodal polymer compositions. Catalyseurs ioniques a support a base de metal transitoire pour la polymerisation des organmoetalicos. Substituted 1- 2-pyridyl azaethene- N, N -nickel dibromide complexes as catalyst precursors for homogeneous and heterogeneous ethylene polymerization.

Química de Clusters Organometálicos QUIMCLUSTOR – Inicio

Method for utilizing triethyaluminum to prepare an alumoxane support for an active metallocene catalyst. Crosslinked metallocene compound for olefin polymerization and method of polymerizing olefin with the same. Phenolate constrained geometry polymerization catalyst and method for preparing. Bis imino pyridyl iron and cobalt complexes: Country of ref document: Metal complexes of salan-type ligands and uses thereof organometaliocs catalysts for polymerization of alpha-olefins.

Organosilicon polymer, its production and semiconductor device prepared by using same. Process for polymerization of olefins with silicon bridged metallocene catalyst systems.



Method for preparing a supported metallocene-alumoxane catalyst for gas phase polymerization. Metallocene analogues containing bulky heteroallylic ligands and their use as new olefin polymerization catalysts. Photochemistry of di-tert-butyl ketone and structural effects on the rate and efficiency of intersystem crossing of aliphatic ketones. Supported metallocene-alumoxane catalyst for high pressure polymerization of olefins and a method of preparing and using the same.

Compuesto de organopaladio

Copolymers of substituted conjugated vinyl compounds and olefinic compounds and process for producing the same. Bridged bis-fluorenyl metallocenes, process for the preparation thereof and use thereof in catalysts for the polymerization of olefins.

Pyrrolide-imine benzyl complexes of zirconium and hafnium: Multinuclear metallocene catalyst compound for olefin polymerisation and copolymerisation and method for making thereof.