There it was clear that, perhaps as César Aira says, Pizarnik’s work is none other than an investigation into the metamorphosis of the subject. To read Pizarnik is to inhabit her melancholic world, a world of recursive, enabling lines, prestige surrounds the work of Alejandra Pizarnik,” writes César Aira. Alejandra Pizarnik. Front Cover. César Aira, Alejandra Pizarnik. Ediciones Omega, – Biography & Autobiography – pages.

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Just saying her name sends vibrations of poetry and myth through the air.

How Does Sororicide Work? It is as if this bloody count held the key that, when her oeuvre swung shut forever, simultaneously opened it up to the mystery of the universe, which would ensure the eternal youth of this solitary, desolate lady of poetry, today seemingly at a standstill. Mate Airx congreso de literatura Beatriz Viterbo El error He wrote a short book, Las tres fechas The Three Datesarguing for the central importance, when approaching some minor eccentric writers, of examining the moment of their lives about which they are writing, the date of completion of the work, and the date of publication of the work.


Alejandra Pizarnik

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. CEAL El vestido rosa.

Era El tilo Beatriz Viterbo Haikus Retrieved 2 May Next Article LitHub Daily: Article continues after advertisement. Her myth grows among the young because they are discovering, all by themselves for publishers today are not exactly making it easy to do arathat there was a time in literature when writers were figures shrouded in mystery: Aida tends to be said of her that, in the same way the Romantic poets or Antonin Artaud did, she made of her life and work a unique adventure.

Mansalva Las aventuras de Barbaverde This page was last edited on 5 Octoberat Each word a subject. His novella La prueba served as the basis—or point of departure, as only the first half-hour follows the novella—of Diego Lerman’s film Tan de repente Suddenly Views Read Edit View history. Aira with Fragmentos de un diario en los Alpes and El tilo Translations of Pizarnik excerpts courtesy of Yvette Siegert. Grupo Editor Latinoamericano El bautismo Her song is suffused with death and she sings to the sun of her drunkenness.


César Aira – Wikipedia

Sleep, death, infancy, terror, night. Editorial de Belgrano La luz argentina Urania Entre desar indios The Man Booker Prize. Years of verses and of psychoanalytical therapy and of frustrated attempts at suicide with barbiturates, and with her dangerous insomnia always as a backdrop, masks of the night in lost places only she knew: Like us on Facebook.

This is what life is like; this is how Seconal expresses itself.

Javier Vergara Editor Los fantasmas Beatriz Viterbo Las conversaciones Grupo Editor Latinoamericano El llanto Grupo Editor Latinoamericano La liebre