INFORMATION, AND RECOMMENDATIONS IN THIS MANUAL ARE BELIEVED TO BE . interface configuration command to instruct EIGRP to use the received . Therefore, to connect disparate EIGRP sites, you must configure the neighbor command with LISP encapsulation on every CE in the network. Cisco Nexus Series NX-OS Unicast Routing Configuration Guide, .. The { ip | ipv6} passive-interface eigrp command suppresses neighbors from forming.

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R1 show ipv6 eigrp topology The first highlighted subnet Recommended practice ejgrp that you turn off automatic summarization if necessary, use the ip summary-address command, and summarize manually what you need to.

Sample Chapter is provided courtesy of Cisco Press.

Cofiguration an incoming global distribute list that refers to access control list ACL 1. Austin config-keychain-key send-lifetime The IPv6 routing table of R1 displayed above has several subnets, but two of them are highlighted.

Creates a standard ACL number 10 and explicitly denies the You should carefully review the configuration for each router shown above. EIGRP automatically summarizes networks at the classful boundary. Houston config-keychain key 1 Identifies the key number.

Houston config-router cicso auto-summary Disables auto-summarization. Inbound and Outbound Distribute List Route Filters Figure shows the network topology for the configuration that follows, which demonstrates how to configure inbound and outbound route filters to control routing updates using the commands covered in this chapter.

Topology entry for Houston config-if ip authentication mode eigrp md5. No neighbor adjacency will be formed. But we have included the explicit no shutdown command in router configuration mode to make sure EIGRPv6 works even if you happen to use an older IOS version to practice the example.


The remote subnet Houston config-if no shutdown Enables the interface.

EIGRP for IPv6 – Free CCNA Study Guide

Router config router eigrp Creates routing process Router config-router network However, if the parameters do not match, the two routers do not become neighbors and do not add each other to the EIGRPv6 neighbor table, listed by the show ipv6 eigrp neighbors command. Router config-router passive-interface default Prevents the sending of hello packets configufation all interfaces.

Enables manual summarization for EIGRP autonomous system on this specific interface for the given address and mask. Return to Beginning Previous Section. Houston config-keychain-key exit Returns to global configuration mode. HULL config-router distribute-list 10 out Or. With the maximum-paths router configuration command, up to 32 equal-cost entries can be in the routing table for the same destination. Please keep in mind that even if only one of the two routers has a passive interface, the neighbor relationship will fail.

NOTE With the maximum-paths router configuration command, up to 32 equal-cost entries can be in the routing table for the same destination. The rest of the configuration simply enables EIGRPv6 on all interfaces using the ASN to associate with the interface, using the ipv6 eigrp commadn command.

HULL config access-list 30 permit When you enable EIGRPv6 on an interface using the ipv6 eigrp asn command, the router would start discovering neighbors off that interface.


As a result, the rest of the routers in the topology will not be commanr of the subnet and will not be able to route packets to the subnet. The commands used to set these parameters have to be used in global configuration mode.

The first step in EIGRPv6 verification would be to make sure it is enabled on all the right interfaces. Houston config-keychain-key key-string tower Identifies the key string.

Austin config-keychain-key key-string tower. Houston config-router network Figure illustrates the network topology for the configuration that follows, which shows how to configure EIGRP using the commands covered in this chapter. Austin configure terminal Moves to global configuration mode.

A eivrp requirement of link-state routing protocols is that routers in an area must have identical LSDBs. Houston configure terminal Moves to global configuration mode.

EIGRP configuration

R1 configure terminal Enter amd commands, one per line. Router config-router network Austin config-router eigrp log-neighbor-changes Changes with neighbors will be displayed. Router config-if ip summary-address eigrp Instructs the router to include routes with a metric less than or equal to n times the minimum metric route for that destination, where n is the number specified by the variance command.

One incoming global distribute list One cinfiguration global distribute list One incoming interface distribute list One outgoing interface distribute list One outgoing redistribution distribute list.