Initially your ClarkConnect server isn’t configured for DHCP so you will need to manually set the IP address for your workstation (eg address. , NEW • Distribution Release: ClarkConnect · Rate this project . and release notes for further information and upgrade instructions. Download. As usual, existing ClarkConnect installations can be updated online; for new installations . and release notes for further information and upgrade instructions .

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ClarkConnect – Enterprise Linux for Your Home

Unfortunately group functionality for pooling users into functional working units is lacking. View the discussion thread. Here you have ultimate control over all the users on your system. Then it is used as an access point.

ClarkConnect 3.0 Review

There is also an advanced setup option for those of you who are a bit more experienced with samba. This feature is a definite requirement in offices that get above 5 to 10 users. Clarkcoonnect is not weighed down by any X-Window system or server side configuration tools. Whatever your security policy is, the web interface makes things easy to administer and easy to use.

Download the installation DVD image from here: If you have any problems, please head over clarkcojnect the ClarkConnect forums and ask…but not before using their search tool to see if the topic has been covered.


Lubuntu dropping bit clafkconnect. Download either the free “Community” edition or the subscription-based “Professional” variant from here: For a full list of improvements that have been added, please review the changelogs. In such cases you can refer to distributions that use similar kernel version and have vendor patches for Xen support.

Because it is handy if I want to use torrents, I setup a group to open clarkconnrct ports and forward to my desktop behind my CC box. This feature is easily enabled and makes the email system far more rounded.

Distribution Release: ClarkConnect Gateway/Server R1 ( News)

It is managed from a web based user interface, but can also be completely managed and tuned from the command line. It is also open to anonymous connections. All hardware was detected without manuaal and installation took about 20 minutes using the default partitioning scheme.

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Configuring email domains and user aliases is relatively straightforward yet powerful.

It’s not only the core platform that has had a facelift, but also the individual apps and solutions. The user configuration screens allow for simple management of users and their passwords. New to version 3.

ClearOS 7 User Guide

I have read that the unified user database provides hooks for such an LDAP source so hopefully this functionality will appear in a later release of ClarkConnect. Requirements 3 or more network cards Clark Connect 1.


How about setting up a transparent proxy server to speed up your web browsing? Well, simply beacuse you get tired of finding the proper config file, making small changes, and reloding the right prosess all the time.

You can also download the Quickstart Guide to get things rolling as well. CommGate thought this was a good idea and rebranded this product to sell under their own name in source: Why Debian for 3CX?

ClarkConnect came up with a product and offer manuxl free version of said produce which was first released in November The log viewer enables the standard Linux log files to be viewed on an aesthetically pleasing web page. Still it is nice to know this functionality is available should the need arise and it is good clarkcnonect see it is now a part of the Home version in the past I believe you have to purchase the Office version to gain this functionality.

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