Roche – Cobas C Big lab analyzer performance designed for small workload labs, The cobas c analyzer is a tabletop system designed to set the next. The cobas c , a new low volume bench-top analyzer from Roche Diagnostics (Indianapolis, IN), was evaluated to determine whether the. Roche Cobas c – Chemistry Analyzer Information.

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Inquire Here Reagent Capacity: The cobas c has the same optics as Integra, and the reagents, calibrators, and controls are largely the same across all Roche chemistry platforms, which is an important c111 for vertically integrated organizations seeking standardization of testing throughout testing locations. Weekly maintenance takes about 15 minutes, and there are system-generated prompts for all maintenance interval requirements.

The DBIL slope of 0.

Roche Cobas C – Chemistry Analyzer – Diamond Diagnostics

The CA slope of 1. Email alerts New issue alert.

Also included is a base matrix 0. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.

This work was carried out in close cooperation with Dr. Sign In or Create an Account. Functional and structural characterization of a novel catechol-O-methyltransferase from Schizosaccharomyces pombe.


Add to My Bench. Inquire Here Sample Cycle Time: Standby to operation takes approximately 3 minutes. Inquire Here Point Of Care: A method for the gross analysis of global protein acylation by gas-liquid chromatography.

Roche Cobas C111 Chemistry Analyzer

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Prices and Information shown are for reference only and may change without notice. Inter-instrument recovery passed for all analytes data not shown.

Interference from bilirubin, lipids, or hemolysis was not evaluated as part of this study. Citing articles via Web of Science Cardiac, Lipid, Liver, Metabolic, Renal.

Diamond Diagnostics expressly disclaims any affiliation with products it does not manufacture, as well as sponsorship by other manufacturers.

For current regulatory status on products within this website, please contact your sales representative. Table 4 shows the results of a time study on the cobas c using the following profile ccobas test options: The cobas c bench-top system is part of the cobas family of analyzers from Roche Diagnostics. Cobas C Specifications. Andrea Rose from Roche Diagnostics.

Evaluation of the Roche Cobas c | Laboratory Medicine | Oxford Academic

They are available as a liquid; 5—6 bottle sets from Maine Standards. Additionally correlation studies, using patient serum samples, were used to determine inter-instrument comparability between 2 cobas c instruments and accuracy relative to the standardized assays at LabCorp.


Forums Documents and Manuals. Improving Urine Sediment Analysis. Assays Total assays tested: You can adjust your Community Subscriptions in Settings. If imprecision could be reduced for DBIL, it is very possible that it could reach world-class performance.

Precision, linearity, method comparison to another large Roche system, inter-instrument comparability, potential carryover, and time to result studies met or exceeded expectations. Daily start-up and system checks are prompted by the user interface and involve: We thank Daniel Whisenhunt for performing the technical and laboratory part of this study.

Only 1 method DBIL cibas some challenges sigma 2.

Inquire Here Water Requirement: A serum pool was aliquoted into 5 cups for each system and 5 values obtained for each analyte from which a mean and standard deviation SD were derived.

In addition to 3 ISE assays, 14 reagents can be loaded on each reagent disk, which is stored refrigerated in a reagent disk container when not in use.