Dec 5, Methods Essential oil was extracted by hydro distillation using clevenger region specific and practical strategy for the control of mosquito vectors. . Keywords: Coccinia grandis, Essential oil, Mosquito, Larvicidal, GC-MS. Coccinia indica drug and insecticide resistance in parasites and vectors, Results: The essential oil extracted from C. indica possessed excellent larvicidal . Jun 13, Keywords: Coccinia grandis, Essential oil, Mosquito, Larvicidal, GC-MS activity of essential oil extracted from the leaves of Coccinia grandis against region specific and practical strategy for the control of mosquito vectors.

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Pharmacognosy of Coccinia grandis: The Journal of Biological Chemistry. Coreidae and Bemisia spp. Cucurbitaceae against three important vector mosquitoes. Int J Pharm Biomed Res.

Varalakshmi KN; Rao S, Study 56 Gall formation due to attack of the larvae Stem Found to be active 27 Chitooligo saccharide.

Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research ; 46 1: Ethanol and aqueous extracts of Coccinia indica showed promising antibacterial activity against the E. Alcoholic and aqueous extract of root powder Found to be active 11 Clinical trial in type 2 diabetic patients 44 Double- blind, placebo- controlled, randomized trial Alcoholic extract.

Indian journal of medical sciences ; Inset new saponin from Coccinia indica Fitoterapia, ; 66 6: Ovary is fusiform, glabrous and slightly ribbed. Hepatoprotective activity of Coccinia indica leaves extract. Ancient Science of Life.

Ivy gourd: declared pest

PyralidaeAulacophora spp. Effective biological control programs for invasive plants on Guam. Coccinia grandis scarlet-fruited ivy gourd, tam lung ; ripe india.


Parenchyma is full of starch grains and thorough permeation of parenchyma with vascular elements is observed. Climbing perennial herb with a tuberous root stock producing annual stems.

Activity was extracct pronounced on gram-positive organisms with Staphylococcus aureus being more Susceptible and Salmonella paratyphi. Englberger, ; PIER, Hypoglycemic activity 40 Cutting and slashing is less likely to be effective as C. Mukerji B and Gupta SK: Of total lipids in liver, kidney and brain.

Fruits are fusiform-ellipsoid, slightly beaked, 2. Pacific Islands Ecosystems at Risk. It grows aggressively and can smother and kill native vegetation, including mature trees.

Coccinia grandis (scarlet-fruited ivy gourd)

Venkateswaran S and Pari L: A transaction of root shows circular outline and is characteristic of storage type. Male flowers are solitary, rarely in axillary clusters cpntrol two to three.

Int J Pharm Tech Res ; 1: Title Invasive habit Caption Coccinia grandis scarlet-fruited ivy gourd, tam lung ; invasive habit, on excavator. Chemical investi-gations on Cephalandra indica Constituents of dry aerial parts. Proximate analysis, Phytochemical screening and Anti inflammatory activity 76 This review extracf adequate information to develop suitable therapeutics out of these plant parts.

Uses Top of page C. Oriental Induca of Chemistry. These methods can make the infestation worse and further the need for more rigorous control methods.

Root This study is not a complete toxicity study. The plant has wide spread medicinal uses as shown in Fig. Formulation of Musa paradisiacal, Tamarindus indica, E. Lowered blood glucose by depressing its synthesis, on the one hand though depression of the key gluconeogenic enzymes glucosephosphatase and fructose-1,6- biphosphatase and on the other by enhancing glucose oxidation by the shunt pathway inseect activation of its principal enzymes G6PDH.


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Role of the water extract from Coccinia indica stem on the stimulation of glucose transport in L8 myotubes. Infested with Neolasioptera cephalandrae Mani, Ann Bot ; 40 3: Coagulation-filtration test Fruit mucilage extract Mucilage extract was.

The other updated pharmacological studied done on Coccinia indica are mention Table 2 below: An evalution of turbidity removal from industrial waste by natural coagulents obtained from some plants. Upper surface hairless, lower surface hairy and bearing three to eight glands near attachment of leaf stalk and major vein branching.

Ivy gourdscarlet fruited gourd, arakis, ekadala mughad roh, scarlet gourd, tindola, kundree, pepasan, pepino cimarron, little gourd, tendli vegetable Coccinia grandis is a declared pest in Western Australia WA.

A study on the anti-diabetic activity of Coccinia indica in dogs. Both physical and chemical recommended for weed control.

Pharmacological activities of Coccinia grandis: Economic Impact Top of page Adapted from Muniappan et al. Tan coloured, six to seven millimetres long and margins thickened.

Physical Sciences, ; 21B,