Squid is the most popular proxy server for UNIX/Linux systems. Webmin is a web-based system configuration tool for Unix-like systems, configure operating. This how-to explains how to install the current version of Squid Proxy on a CentOS 7 VM with Webmin, Apache, and SARG with update support. Configuring Squid. The easiest way to configure squid is via the Webmin™ interface. To configure squid to allow access from all hosts on port , follow these.

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Squid Basic Configuration

Because some web pages sebmin over time or are even dynamically generatedSquid keeps track of the last-modified and expiry dates of web pages so that it can clear data from the cache when it is out of date. On the proxy selection page, choose the Allow option for the Action, and select localnet in the Match ACLs selection box.

Because being able to view web pages is extremely useful, a proxy is often set up so that websites can be accessed through it. Read on to find out how.

Squid Basic Configuration – Webmin Documentation

Figure A Click the image to enlarge. As configuracjon image below shows, a table of ACLs showing their names, types, and matches is displayed on the left.

At most MB of data will be ssuid in this directory, which is not likely to be enough if serving a large number of active clients. If you have only 10 addresses for example that you would like to be permitted to use your proxy you could enter, for example, a From IP of For security reasons, all requests from anywhere are denied by default.


Confounded Technology: Setting up a SQUID Proxy in 21 steps (made easy with Webmin!)

Many smaller companies assume they don’t have the time or the money to put into setting up a proxy server. Now, just browse for a bit to be sure your caching proxy is working.

Regardless of how you use it, you will want to define the ports used by the proxy first. When its icon is clicked on, the page shown in the screenshot below will appear, assuming that Squid is installed and configured correctly.

Then use the arrow icons to the right of the list of proxy restrictions to move the rule you’ve just created above the Deny all rule. Fortunately, every web browser in existence, and almost all programs that download files via HTTP for various purposes, can be configured to configurackon a proxy. For this reason clients systems are often configured or forced to use a caching proxy to access the web. Many companies and organizations have their firewalls set up to block all incoming and outgoing traffic by systems on internal LANs.

The access control lists page. As long as you have a compiler installed on your system, this is a relatively simple process with no dependencies.

Other programs such as wget or rpm require the username and password to be specified on the command line. In Netscape and Mozilla, the proxy options configiracion located under the Advanced: Again, the Apply Changes link must be used after updating or deleting a restriction to make the change active.

Your plan for using the proxy will dictate how you configuracin it. This page was last modified on 15 Septemberat This can be done by specifying multiple directories, each with its own maximum size. Webmin, of course, will do this for you.


A proxy is only vonfiguracion if client browsers are configured to use it instead of connecting to web sites directly.

Squid will also cache valid passwords as explained above to reduce the load on the authentication program, so a password change may take some time to take effect. The defaults will generally work fine though, with the possible exception of the maximum upload size which is only 1 MB.

Webmin Module for Squid Guard

Take a look in the access. The ports and networking form.

A proxy is also used for caching commonly requested pages so that if more than one client wants to view the same page it only has to be downloaded once. If the proxy has already been configured to allow access from anywhere by changing the Deny all restriction to Allow allyou webmih change it back again to block clients from outside your network.

If you’ve installed from a vendor supplied package, Webmin will probably already know where to find everything. The steps to do this are:.

Just defining an ACL in the Squid configuration does not actually do anything – it must be applied in confiyuracion way to have any effect.

So click the Add proxy restriction link. The basic steps to do this are:. Expand Unused Modules and scroll down wquid you see the entry for Squid. As soon as a restriction is found that matches the ACLs for the request, its action determines whether the request is allowed or denied.