This Convention does not affect the Hague Convention of 1 March on civil procedure, the Hague Convention of 15 November on the Service Abroad. Statute of the Hague Conference on Private International Law · Convention of 1 March on civil procedure · Convention of 15 June on the law. (In the relations between the Contracting States, this Convention replaces Articles 8 to 16 of the Conventions on civil procedure of and ).

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The vote shall be taken by correspondence, unless the Directory-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization deems it essential to convene a meeting under the powers conferred upon him by Article 27 of the Convention.

Nevertheless, whenever possible, the latter Party shall first request the cessation of such violation within a reasonable time. Procedure to obtain immunity 1. To assist in the implementation of its functions, the Committee may invite to its meetings, in an advisory capacity, eminent professional organizations such as those which have formal relations with UNESCO, including the International Committee of convenzionf Blue Shield ICBS and its constituent bodies.

Hague Convention | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

The Organisation shall promptly notify the depositary in writing of any changes to its competence as specified in the most recent convenzone given under this paragraph. The Meeting of the Parties shall adopt its Rules of Procedure.

Mauritius’ purported extension of the Convention to this territory is unfounded and does not have any legal effect. Article 16 Declaration to permit use of child-centred means test. A Contracting State may declare that, in addition, it will respect privileges and duties existing under the law of States other than the State of origin and the State of execution, to the extent specified in that declaration.

Upon receipt of a request for inclusion in the List, the Committee shall inform all Parties of the request.

Prior authorisation by the competent authority designated by the declaring State may be required. Territories of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.

Conventions, Protocols and Principles

Entry into force 1. Article 36 – Conciliation in absence of Protecting Powers. At this stage neither the applicant nor the respondent is entitled to make any submissions. If the Central Authority considers that the request does not connvenzione with the provisions of the present Convention, it shall promptly inform the authority of the State of origin which transmitted the Letter of Request, specifying the objections to the Letter. In the interpretation of this Convention, regard shall be had to its international character and to the need to promote uniformity in its application.

A Contracting State may at the time of signature, ratification or accession, declare that it will not execute Letters of Request issued for the purpose of obtaining pre-trial convenizone of documents as known in Common Law convenzionf.

Expenses The remuneration and expenses of the Commissioner-General for Cultural Property, inspectors and experts shall be met by the Party to which they are accredited. However, where the application forwarded by the transmitting authority is in either English or French, or is accompanied by a translation into one of those languages, communications emanating from the receiving Central Authority shall also be in one of those languages.


The Regional Economic Integration Organisation shall in that case have the rights and obligations of a Convenzoine State, to the extent that the Organisation has competence over matters governed by the Convention. The distinctive emblem Article If the Director-General decides to proceed with the vote by correspondence, he shall invite the Sja Contracting Parties to transmit their votes by sealed letter within six months from the day on which they were invited to do so.

Discharge of the mission of control The Commissioners-General for Cultural Property, delegates of the Protecting Powers, inspectors and experts shall convenzions no case exceed their mandates. The obligations mentioned in paragraph 1 of the present Article may be waived only in cases where military necessity imperatively requires such a waiver. Special protection Article 8.

The Convention will enter into force as between the acceding State and the State that has declared its acceptance of the accession on the sixtieth day after the deposit of the declaration of acceptance. The Convention shall remain in force for five years from the date of its entry into force in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 34 even for States which subsequently have ratified, accepted, approved it or acceded to it.

He shall send copies to the Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, who may make use only of their technical contents. Article 8 – Precautions against the effects of hostilities The Parties to the conflict shall, to the maximum extent feasible: Signature The present Convention shall bear the date of 14 May, and, until the date of 31 December,shall remain open for signature by all States invited to the Conference which met at The Hague from 21 April, to 14 May, Each Contracting State may at any time withdraw a reservation it has made; the reservation shall cease to have effect on the sixtieth day after notification of the withdrawal.

Scope of application of the Convention Article The Convention shall be open for signature by the States which were Members of the Hague Conference on Private International Law at the time of its Fourteenth Session and by non-Member States which were invited to participate in its preparation.

Appointment of delegates of Protecting Powers The Protecting Power shall appoint its delegates from among the members of its diplomatic or consular staff or, with the approval of the Party to which they will be accredited, from among other persons. A Contracting State shall designate a Central Authority which will undertake to receive Letters of Request coming from a judicial authority of another Contracting State and to transmit them to the authority competent to execute them.


Preparatory measures taken in time of peace for the safeguarding of cultural property against the foreseeable effects of an armed conflict pursuant to Article 3 of the Convention shall include, as appropriate, the preparation of inventories, the planning of emergency measures for protection against fire or structural collapse, the preparation for the removal of movable cultural property or the provision for adequate in situ protection of such property, and the designation of competent authorities responsible for the safeguarding of cultural property.

Each State Party to the Convention on the date of its entry into force shall take all necessary measures to ensure its effective application within a period of six months after such entry into force.

A Party making such reservation shall until the reservation is withdrawn be treated as a State not a Party to the present Convention with respect to that amendment. The placing of the distinctive emblem and its degree of visibility shall be left to the discretion of the competent authorities of each High Contracting Party. The High Contracting Parties further undertake to prohibit, prevent and, if necessary, put a stop to any form of theft, pillage or misappropriation of, and any acts of vandalism directed against, cultural property.

During the period provided for by paragraph 2 any Contracting State may by notification in writing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands make a reservation with respect to the amendment.

Where a person has received legal aid in accordance with Article 1 for proceedings in a Contracting State and a decision has been given in those proceedings, he shall, without any further examination of his circumstances, be entitled to legal aid in any other Contracting State in which he seeks to secure the recognition or enforcement of that decision. No High Contracting Party may evade the obligations incumbent upon it under the present Article, in respect of another High Contracting Party, by reason of the fact that the latter has not applied the measures of safeguard referred to in Article 3.

The United Kingdom recalls the Declaration made by the Republic of Mauritius on its accession to the Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict with Regulations for the Execution of the Convention as to the purported territorial application of the Convention.

Inspectors and experts 1.

As far as possible, notification of transfer should be made to the opposing’ Parties. Cancellation shall take effect thirty days after the dispatch of such copies. In the event of occupation, the Occupying Power shall be competent to make such application.

Any denunciation shall be notified to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands at least six months before the end of the five year period.