HxS Converter is an advanced utility which converts your HxS files to any format you wish (PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, TXT, and many more) easily and. Yup, get the FAR tool from , then decompile the HxS file into HTM files, then recompile into CHM. You may have. Hi, I would like to file to a web documentation (actually a collection of html files). I tried to decompile it (using ) and it did creates html.

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A reflection on the role of technology in the age of senile modernism. Links ‘Best Of’ Tweaks and Fixes. HXS is the most recent change in Windows help files. In Windows 95 Microsoft used. HLP help files for documentation. HLP files have a maroon book icon later changed to a convrrt circle with an “i” or “? It must be installed. If you ended up here because you want to open. When the Internet craze hit, circaHx began to “webbify” everything in sight.

One such casualty was the HLP file and the Windows help system. In case anyone ot that point, the standard design for the first page in CHM files, for a long time, included an animated GIF of a spinning globe that seemed to say, “Look!

::Batch HXS to Word Converter

Hcs file extension is. Worse, they are not compatible with current Windows help. HXS files require their own reader, which is part of the Visual Studio. Net product and is not available as standalone software or as a Windows update.

chm – How do you open a hxs file? – Stack Overflow

What if you want to read recent Windows programming documentation anything since aboutand you don’t happen to program in. Net on Windows 7?

You may have difficulty. The system is designed to only work well if you buy Visual Studio. Net, buy the latest version of Windows, and then write. Net software on your new Windows PC. Microsoft also decided to be “less than truthful” in their SDK documentation at some point, misleading people about the viability of convvert Microsoft products.


Microsoft has provided such false information throughout the API docs, essentially denying the existence of older Windows versions. But that’s another issue that is not addressed here. Update note – January Microsoft seem to have changed the way they create HXS files, at least in some cases.

The new version was resulting in empty CHM files. See the help file in the download for a full explanation. This latest update is a fix for that problem. They no longer officially support their own help file format!

You can get it directly from Microsoft, but they insist on “validation” for that. Validation means that you allow Microsoft to snoop around on your PC, allegedly to make sure you have a legal copy of Windows. If you don’t want to allow Microsoft spyware, search for the download file names to get the download from a third party: HLP is based on RichText format.

You’ll find it easier if you know some kind of scripting that you can use to automate some of the repetitive work involved. There is in-depth, clear and helpful information about the details you need to know here. Both consist of a tp of tk, images, CSS files, etc. And both usually include files that provide the index and table-of-contents functionality. But the two formats are close enough to allow for conversion. In fact, they are just different enough to ensure incompatibility. There are 3 main script tools in this download: This script is simple to use but requires minor editing to set custom options and required values, such as the path to the HTML Help compiler.

It puts the whole operation into a convenient webpage interface, so that everyone can convert HXS files easily, without needing to know about scripting or webpage coding.

If you know about CSS you can even customize conveet appearance of the resulting help file, in terms of colors, fonts, layout, etc. But you don’t have to know about any of that to use the HTA converter. The script then creates an HTA webpage help reader for the extracted help files, with a single, common index.

The idea here is to create something akin to the MSDN help reader. The converter is entirely written in VBScript. It does not require. But it does require two things to do its work: The conversion process is entirely automated, but those two programs must be installed. Technical details See the documentation in the download for thorough information about how the scripts work and for the update history.


Conver files are similar.

And they may or may not contain an index file. The basic idea is the same: A collection of webpages compressed into a single file, with links, index and table of contents. In recent renditions of the Microsoft help files there is often a great deal of superfluous and problematic script used.

The document object topic page for Internet Explorer does not provide an option to show all properties and methods at once. One has to click the “Properties” link to see the list of properties, then click a button to expand the viewport. Then to see the methods list, the “Methods” link must be clicked The result looks clever but is maddeningly difficult to use.

The converter scripts include options to remove all such nonsense during the conversion process. Did you know that all CHM files can have a Favorites panel? It’s especially handy with large files. A Favorites panel allows you to save links to often-visited topic pages.

It’s just like a Favorites menu in a browser. But the Favorites panel, inexplicably, is disabled by default, so most CHM files do not show it! Using these HXS converter tools you conveft not only convert HXS to CHM but also improve the resulting help in the process by customizing the appearance for readability, improving the functionality, and adding a Favorites panel.

What does this mean for Windows programmers and others?

For many people, like scripters and system administrators who don’t have any use for. Net, the situation is even worse. The result is up-to-date documentation — in your choice of fonts, colors, etc.