The first edition of Core Data by Marcus Zarra was the book I turned to when I wanted to learn Core Data. Whilst it is still a great book it was. Threading in today’s Core Data is radically different from its original In this talk from #Pragma Conference , Marcus Zarra presents the. Core Data in Swift. by Marcus S. Zarra. Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf. Release Date: June ISBN: View table of contents. Start reading.

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Core Data Threading Demystified

Then you would discuss it solve the problem because it was such a small tight-knit community. Be clever or lazy and you are only punishing yourself and your users. Kate Gridina rated it really liked marus Oct 14, This call returns an array of optionals that has this output in our playground:.

Notifications are also quite hard in this system. What Is Core Data?

As of August 1, I am no longer part of MartianCraft. In iOS 5, Core Data made a change. We offer our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers for all those affected by the tragic loss of such a great friend to this community, Jordan Breeding. To protect our main thread, we call -addPersistentStoreWithType: User interface is not going to come from any other thread, because the user interface is single threaded.

Now that I am working independently again, I am being exposed to a adta number of interesting code bases. Core Data is not the fastest persistence engine. There was an error submitting your subscription. It also adds a property for the privateContext and we make a copy of the callback block that gets passed in.


Mark rated it it was amazing Feb 21, The tough part is imagining how it might be used and often that just comes from experience. There are certain complaints about Swift I still have, however, I am finding that it is growing on corre.

This Core Data stack will work most of the time.

My Core Data Stack

Most of the time you do not need or want the advanced features of Core Datz and can just grab an instance of NSPersistentContainer dxta be happy. Where does it not work? The private queue context has one job in life. The video was transcribed by Realm and is published here with the permission of the conference organizers. He has been developing Cocoa applications since and has been developing software for most of his life.

On the other hand if you have been using Core Data for a while you can jump straight mardus the chapters on migrations, performance and threading and learn something. Threading is something we add to an application when we find we have spare time, CPU, and bandwidth. When you access the application delegate in this way you are effectively promoting its properties to the status of global variables and singletons. This is a case where you can create and conform to a protocol—known fore some languages as an interface—to provide a simple way to have each class type provide a display name that can be displayed in your table view controller.

Core Data by Marcus Zarra

The block API makes it trivial to add network calls anywhere in an application. PSC handles all the interactions to disk.


The User Interface is designed to run on a single thread and therefore using additional NSManagedObjectContext instances is unnecessary and creates problems. If it is going to take time, we do not want to block the main thread and therefore the User Interface. Adding threads to an application is a design decision, and if we make that datw at the 11th hour before shipping, we picked the wrong code.

My Core Data Stack

Should it be read-only? Geared toward intermediate to advanced developers, this book gets you comfortable with the basics of Core Data. Marcus Zarra Marcus Zarra is best known for his expertise with Core Data, persistence, and networking. This works perfectly zara is a fine replacement for valueForKeyPath: Shortly after my acceptance I had heard that there was some controversy surrounding the conference about a comment made by one of the organizers who had attended another conference.

I have a significantly different design that I spoke about a couple of years ago. You’ll explore not only how to get Core Data integrated into your application properly, but even better, how to work with the API’s flexibility to create convenience methods to improve your application’s maintainability. It gets blamed a lot.

Introduction Is This Book for You?