Thank you for your purchase of the Cushcraft X9 Tribander. plan to install the 40 meter add-on kit, please read the X manual before you assemble the X9. Here is a view of the Cushcraft X9 Balun. The antennas had been up for a few years with out any issues. The last year or two, I have not been very active on the . What’s the best antenna? KLM KT34XA or Cushcraft X7 or X9 model? Tks in advance 73 Lopes – PY2SM mailto:jl @ ICQ:

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The ferrite that was from the inside of the balun.

Towering ‘ above the ground, our station is equipped with numerous antennas customized for specific modes: I was able to get the antenna up on a 56 foot Rohn with no problems other than a lengthy assembly time of two days!

I get a real good swr on the bands the antenna is designed for Work good DX easily with it daily! I convinced him the X7 is really good antenna and would get out of literally the Hole he is now living in.

Just traps from one element was used back Club Station Shack and Antennas Our station is located on the lower level of the Central Pavillion at the Hall of Science and is usually staffed by volunteers on weekends and some weekday afternoons.


Bottom line — the X9 is an excellent choice.

We got full size elements on all bands ,all on an 18ft boom. Our station offers full spectrum coverage using multiple transceivers and an array of antennae high atop the roof.

In order to do this, I had to drop the X9. We had some very heavy wind conditions the last month with gusting over 80Mph.

Anyway, I am more than satisfied with the antenna as it stands. This is how I used the original centre insulators for the driven elements plus the two insulators I built by wrapping fiberglass cloth in a cylindrical manner to make a cushcrat insultor The tower is 50ft.

I really would have liked to buy the size that would fit into 1in aluminium tubing but just went along with some homebrew tubes I recently decided to upgrade the old 40 meter beam on my tower. The boom-to-mast assembly made setting the X9 in place easier than any antenna I’ve had before.

Cushcraft X9 Baluns

Nothing was missing and some extra nuts, bolts and clamps are provided. I would highly recommend this antenna Had mine up since early 96 on a 60′ Cushcravt with voyager hazer. This is the connecting of the driven elements using flat aluminium and also seen is the matching system used. The noise on the antennas have been reduced from casual observation.


As usual, the station serves as a welcome point for the museum’s many visitors who may wish to get an understanding of the educational and personal cushcravt that amateur radio can offer to everyone. Cushcraft also has a 9 element version using a 24ft boom What we found when I took the cover off!!

Cushcraft X9 Baluns

I have seen two things. Our station is located on the lower level of the Central Pavillion cushcravt the Hall of Science and is usually staffed by volunteers on weekends and some weekday afternoons. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager.

I had a enlightening Additional material was bought Contact the site with comments or questions. Two networked computers for logging and operating software. This should be a first operation from Trinidad.

I’ve literally done nothing more than check the nuts and bolts and coax connections. X9 Balun whne we took down the beam.