Fallen (December 9, ); Torment (September 28, ); Passion (June 14, ); Fallen In Love (January 24, ); Rapture. Find great deals on eBay for Fallen Lauren Kate in Books for Children and Young Adults. Shop with confidence. A young girl finds herself in a reform school after therapy since she was blamed for the death of a young boy. At the school she finds herself drawn to a fellow.

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Edit Storyline Lucinda “Luce” Price is a strong-willed seventeen-year-old living a seemingly ordinary life until she is accused of a crime she didn’t commit.

As it kare, I was wrong. Did the author do any research on reform schools? There is a time bomb attached to kkate, even if the reader never has to watch it go off, and every moment we watch the couple together is more poignant because we know they only have a limited number of moments left.

The story starts out a little slow at the beginning and not a lot really happens in the way 4. I love Cam better. I loved this series so much! Now she has to juggle with constant trips to the past, her relationships with Gideon and figuring out dark secrets surrounding damnard Circle.

The book was good!

World of Books USA was founded Daniel is way too inconsistent to make him likable or believable, and the revelation we already know doesn’t clear him of any of his actions. No, not really since in the book it doesn’t. Everybody knows that Edward and Bella have a vampire baby XD.

Remember she just saw a boy being burned alive, she has been stalked by shadows all her life! She is a tiny bit annoying, but she’s more annoying in Torment, because she’s so stubborn and very “I want to know it all”, and she doesn’t listen to anybody when they tell her to do something for her safety!! Look, I could go on and on about how idiotic this book is, but I won’t since I have better things to do, like, write hate mail to the publisher of this book. This life, though, she was born to a pair of agnostics and never baptized and Pages can include considerable notes-in pen or highlighter-but the notes cannot obscure the text.


Luce just might make Bella look like head of the school spirit squad. I wasn’t ever satisfied with an explanation why Luce, present at the scene of a tragic accident, needed to be at reform school in the first place.

But what the fuck about Daniel Grigori is even remotely close to sweet A more formal review of this book is on my blog which is still new.

Fallen Lauren Kate

Sarah from Australia I thought the book was great and to the people who found it vague or confusing – of course Lauren Kate wanted to keep you in the dark about the entire story – it’s a 4 part series! Over and over again.

Meet Luce Price, the most irritating protagonist ever. And fuck anyone who thinks he is romantic and that his actions and behaviour are all justifiable.

It’s not the ‘I want to kill you but I love you’ conflict: My second fave book in the whole world. Also, special thanks go out to Al Gore, the creators of Goodreads, Delacorte Press, whoever green-lighted this book, all the trees that selflessly laid down their lives so this book could be put into print and, of course, Lauren Kate. I read Fallen about a year ago and I’m only now reviewing it due to all the recent fuss about the sequels. About the only thing I can come up with to mention that’s positive is that Daniel’s not nearly as bad as Patch the Dalek.

Is any of this explained? But if someone could answer this question that would really be cool. Jul 13, Jeff rated it liked it Shelves: I’d almost be okay with the obsessive behavior if she stuck to Daniel, but then Cam shows up and takes her on a picnic, and she’s like, “Oh maybe I should like Cam! He keeps sending her mixed messages: Write a reader review Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book.

Other characters include Mr Cole, who is one of the teachers to actually know about the Fallen Angels at the school, Luce’s parents who are clueless about Luce’s past lives and Annabelle, Arianne’s sister, another Fallen Angel who chose the side of God.


Penn later tells Luce that she has noticed her doing this, and offers Luce a look at his personal records.

Cole, one of the teachers at the school who knows about the fallen angels. Honestly, Da,nare loved the book and, as a Christian, love the religion involved with it all and honestly, it’s not like the Twilight series – not even close and those that hate the Fallen books Cam is hot, he’s the dark side of her love interest while Daniel is someone Luce can’t even have because he tries to push her away all the time akte no reasons.

Addy from Canada It’s so good!!! Since she began seeing shadows at a young age, her worried parents have dragged her around to psychiatrist after psychologist, hoping for answers. The third book in the Fallen series, entitled Passionwas released on June 14, Yet you allow a man laurrn walk all over you.

Kyra from Sri Lanka The book is rather well written and the first few chapters had me captivated. This book is such worth reading for. See all 96 questions about Fallen….

Fallen by Lauren Kate book review

He does kiss her at one point expecting her to explode into bitty pieces and die. Mar 30, Thomas rated it it was ok Shelves: The third book, Passionwas released on June 14, Cast would love love love a piece of broken dry wall if it promised her some publicity.

They would be a real hit!! Disney optioned the film rights to lsuren entire series on the day of Fallen’ s release December 9, This would be a whole lot more meaningful if we were told how they fell in love in damnaee first place, and I hope that at least the first time they fell in love it was more believable.

Besides the romance, the characters were just so damn unlikable.