Primarily known for military SF, Drake (Fireships, etc.) shows a wider Lord of the Isles. David Drake, Author Tor Books $ (0p) ISBN With Lord of the Isles, David Drake returns to fantasy with a towering and complex epic of heroic adventure in an extraordinary and colorful world where the. David Drake has written fantasies before, but the Lord of the Isles series is his first full-on venture into Jordan-style multibook VLFN saga-spinning. And I’m sad .

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I give books at least that much until I decide to keep reading or stop. Totally awesome fantasy series. I have the feeling he might lodr issues with the IRS. I say that to point out that even though it took me a few months to read, it was still a good book. I stopped at that point, so I can’t say what happened next.

This is good, solid high fantasy. But Benlo claims to be working under the strict orders of an employer over whose intentions there rests complete obscurity. This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat Lord of the Isles opens a massive new saga of clashing swords and spells in an archipelago world.

I found I wasn’t interested in any of the secondary characters at all, and I should have been. The most inventive part was the various jellyfish-looking monsters, shaped like giant alligators or made out of dead people. The prologue starts out a thousand years prior to the events of the main book.

Islands, Magic growing, Main Char has amulet with dead king’s soul [s] dfake 36 Dec 14, At first I only could really distinguish Nonce, the hermit, and Iternia, the old wizard woman, but eventually the lird younger characters emerged, mirroring inexperienced youths slowly accumulating knowledge and experience.


Early Christians–well, even well into the late Middle Ages–did not simply believe that God exists and other beings don’t. The common religion of the Isles is based on Sumerian cult and ritual. I understand the talk of “other planes” can bother some Christians.

He knows the mechanics, the feel and the energy of people fighting, and he makes these scenes sing. In any case, if you were reading and loving epic fantasy in the 90s, you probably read and loved this. Character Driven story with an excellent pace that catches you in the first pages and drags you along with it. I’m appalled that the book got any kind of positive reviews.

Trivia About Lord of the Isles It does sound a bit like New Age nonsense, and in Drake’s case it may very well be just that. However, being that I was traveling and partially that I’m just a bit compulsive about finishing books I read it all the way through. The introduction states that these are actual incantations from the Isls world. They should have killed themselves in the first five minutes.

The Nicene Creed, while putting a lid on much neo-Platonic speculation, does say that God is the creator of all things visible and invisible. I came to Drake via his military SF, beginning with Redlinersand have read pretty much everything he’s written in the genre, as well as the writings of his frequent collaborators David Weber and Eric Flint – the holy trinity of military SF.

Jan 26, Jay Daze rated it it was ok Shelves: Drake would do much better if he followed the example of someone like George R.

Lord of the Isles (David Drake)

But Garric, Cashel, Ilna, and Sharina have next to no personality. Map of the Isles Posted on August 27, by admin. Fantasy novel series American fantasy novel series. So Drake does good good, but unfortunately his treatment of evil undermines his goodness.


It’s not surprising he’s known for his military fiction if the action in LotI is any indication. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re all vicious monsters!

Books in the Isles Series – David Drake

The pace picked up, the plot thickened, and the characters became more interesting. The magic comes in several fascinating and often unpleasant flavors. It was not uncommon–if not at times entirely Orthodox from fo confessional standpoint–do believe in other beings–call them spirits, angels, whatever–living in other dimensions. Drake’s forces of evil are all unremitting arses.

So on the world level, the two extremes evened out.

And I do have a passing interest in physics. Posted on April 30, by admin. So here’s the long and short of the whole sequence: At one point in Lord of the Isles a character thinks how when weaving you need to have the pattern in mind before you start or else you’ll be a poor craftsman. Ils ne sont pas au bout de leur peine, avec ces forces du mal de plus en plus oppressantes. The quirky characters kept me reading, although Drake perhaps relies too heavily on the trope of small, rural townsfolk growing up lore become miraculously powerful X, Y, or Zs.

David Drake is an American author of science fiction and fantasy literature. Tbe this was frustrating in a kind of good way when something intense and interesting was happening to one group and we were left with a kind of cliffhanger to go is,es the POV of a group that was boring by comparison.