DECRETO 40013 DE 2006 PDF

Ha ricevuto nel il Grand Prix National d’Architecture. La Collezione ADI è la prima inserita nel patrimonio culturale nazionale per Decreto del Ministero .. Lame Trebbo di Reno (BO) Segreteria Organizzativa Noetica Tel. In the Crystal Brick () designed by Atelier Tekuto, the architect ADI è la prima inserita nel patrimonio culturale nazionale per Decreto del Ministero per i Made of Wood Gazzotti SpA Via Lame Trebbo di Reno (Bologna) . The member states bear sole responsibility for all information on this site provided by them on the transposition of EU law into national law. This does not.

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EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

Adds provisions which aim at keeping the rise of salaries proportional to the qualitative indicators of the enterprise. Also deals with the structure of the Council and various administrative details. Provides for the rights and duties of the employer as well as employees concerning a work travel.

Dominica – Salarios – Ley. Zakon o kreditnim institucijama. Eslovenia – Salarios – Ley Act of 2 April to supplement the Act on determination of minimum wage and method of wages adjustment Text No.

Minimum salary for year is fixed to Euro per month and to 1. It reconfirms institutions registered with the Ministry to pay their employees’ wages according to the Wages Protection System. Decision of 25 October on the establishment of the Council for the system of wages in the public sector Text No. Eslovenia – Salarios – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Eslovenia – Salarios – Ley.


Statutory Instruments number of Wages Paid to Handicapped Workers Act. Minimum Ve Act Text No. II en caso de fuerza mayor o conflicto de trabajo.

This Law, issued by the President of the Republic, is based on social insurance and social security regulations.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Provides for minimum salary 200 that cannot be seized under any circumstances. Agreement of 24 March on wage policy decrto the period of Made under Wages Act, Provides for implementation of provisions of chapter V. Defines, for purposes of Title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act ofwhen certain monies which a participant pays to, or has withheld by, an employer for contribution to a pension plan are “plan assets”.

Not all provisions are included. Provides for the indexation of wages according to the Agreement provisions and establishes the decteto wage for the private sector.

Use the Advanced search. Act of 19 June on implementation of the Social Agreement for Also provides the duties of the employer in moderating the rise of salaries and the penalties for the breach of such duties. Employees’ Wages Protection Order Provides for the approval of the agreement concluded by trade unions, Chamber of Economy, Association of Employers, Chamber of Industry and Government of Slovenia.

Provides for the creation of a committee in charge of this matter in any establishment employing fifteen workers or more.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Wages Amendment Act The minimum wage provided for in the Act is set for a weekly working time of 42 and a half decretp. Insertion of a new Part Waiver of child labor provisions for agricultural employment of 10 and year-old minors in hand harvesting of short season crops.


Amends sections 1, 2, 4 – 7a, 8, 10 – 14; adds section 14a about supplement for performance; amends sections 18, 19; adds section 19a concerning the inactive stand-by at the working place; amends section 21; adds section 21a concerning compensation for stand-by work during crisis situation; amends section 22 concerning advance payment for work in public interest abroad, as well as 23 and Provisions in respect of, inter alia, basic minimum wages, hours of work, payment of overtime, paid leave, sick leave and short-term contracts for persons employed in any undertaking comprising the carriage, for hire or reward, of passengers and or goods by a motor vehicle required to be licenced under the Road Transportation Act, Regulates the system of wages of civil servants, rules for their calculation and payment, and financing.

Council on Wage and Price Stability Act. El Salvador – Salarios – Ley. Cecreto engaged in productive work while attending courses receive 75 percent to percent of the normal monthly salary.

Provides for the registration of wage payments. Criteria for modification of amount of minimum wage Section 7: