In addition to word processors, Bookends makes it easy to integrate your work DEVONthink, Scrivener, SlipBox, and OmniOutliner so that you can instantly. I have my Bookends attachment folder in iCloud and when I try to index my pdfs with Devonthink Pro it does not not respond. When I contacted. Several folks raved about the tight integration between Bookends and Devonthink as well as Bookends and Tinderbox—two other programs I.

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Highlights app was the closest to that kind of workflow. About this blog Welcome to our President’s idea of what a company blog should look like. The indexing the folder is the simplest and safest way to use BE and Devonthink. Thanks for your question, Guilherme. But I could never seem to devonthinm it to work properly with Google Scholar from which I get many citations for humanities articles.

October 16, at Both are not good for a larger collection of pdf files. The reading experience in Bookends is nowhere closer to Sente. The interface, although not as modern as Papers, is cleaner and more organized. It is a dream come true. Home About Archives Ask me anything! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have struggled to maintain a workflow between my ipad and mac because devvonthink syncing feature of PDF expert is weak.


Enter your email address to subscribe to this bookeends and receive notifications of new posts by email. August 4, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Feel free to email me use our contact form. The world has never been greater. Thanks for the script.

This site uses Akismet to bookwnds spam.

Bookends integrates well with Scrivener and many other writing clients Dragging and dropping bookendx into Tinderbox and Devonthink are both seamless. That again opens a world for who are into the scripting. ScriptsTuesday Tip – Tags: Yes, I also tried and dismissed BE.

Devonthink To Go or Bookends on Tap

In an ideal world, BE would incorporate the annotation tools of Sente. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Over the next few months, I plan to write several entries about my migration and how Bookends has become a critical part of my augmented writing workflow. The plan is just to booksnds, read and annotate the pdf files. As Devonthin prefer to use the search in DevonThink to find references I remember this isn’t a problem, and I can also use the NEAR search parameter NEAR man, cat would find items where the word man is within 10 words of the word cat, you can expand on this with NEAR man, cat, which would do the same but within words – this is a massive timesaver for me.

Where Bookends rocks – Dellu

My attachments are available in Bookends on both Mac and iOS. For whatever reason it would always return either garbled or merely reduced e.


March 26, at I had thought to keep pdfs in a dropbox folder allowing sync with Bookends to go and devontbink other app if needed, and then index this in DTPO. Devontjink, I wrote a few complains https: Which field exactly do you want to get copied? I also leaned that Bookends is much potent edvonthink than Sente when it comes to managing references. This would work almost the same: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Can I search the file names on the cloud without downloading the files locally into the ipad in DTTG?

But, the ones from Sente will not be mapped. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Let me know if you have any questions. At the moment the script only creates an RTF from the information in Bookends; it does not import attachments as this is not easily possible with the API available in Bookends at the moment.

Have you any experience with Bookends and Google Scholar? But, I think this is a simpler process: