By Richard Powell, Roofing Manager, Dow Building Solutions ROOFMATE SL- A supports a green roof design on the Giant’s Causeway Visitors’ Centre. ROOFMATE SL-A is the STYROFOAM Solutions for insulating inverted roofs. The boards are unaffected by the con 1uz. Download the catalogue and request prices of Roofmate sl By dow building solutions, xps thermal insulation panel, roofmate Collection.

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Find the right type of products and services for your project with ProjectLink.

Mining, Building and Construction Suppliers Directory – Australia

Enables reduced energy costs. Whether your project is large or small – or require construction equipment, maintenance or management – the links below have everything you need. ProjectLink is a one-stop source for all of your mining project needs. Please note that NBS product guidance is not a replacement for the manufacturer’s literature and it is recommended that Dow Building Solutions be consulted before specifying. New plans could see main contractors in court over payment terms 11 February From the initial feasibility stage to mine exploration and operation, ProjectLink mining sector companies have an in-depth knowledge and expertise to share.

If you are seeking to enhance the look, feel and functionality of the outdoor spaces in your community with reliable architectural solutions, ProjectLink has it all for you.

This online database provides a complete rail network infrastructure management and maintenance solution to ensure the growth of the Australian rail industry. It connects you with all leading suppliers in Australia.

This online database provides complete road network infrastructure management and maintenance solution to meet the changing needs of our customers. The companies listed on this online directory provide sustainable solutions in all areas of the railway industry. ProjectLink can give you a competitive advantage with this extensive port database. The following content references this product:. Whether a port is large or small, ProjectLink offers the best solutions to suit your construction needs.


It is the most comprehensive range of building materials and building products suppliers in Australia. With so many options of building materials and construction equipment available today, it is hard to figure out which would be the most suitable option for the project.

Roofmste me Registration Forgotten password. More easily lifted and replaced if the building is altered. Dow Chemical Company Status: Create your ideal outdoor space in confidence with ProjectLink. Electrical and manual tackers. Mining The mining industry throws up a lot of challenges You can also contact them for a quote.

Australia faces significant challenges in meeting its rail infrastructure needs.

It is possible discrepancy between the image and the actual product, without altering the main parameters and features. With these trusted options available on ProjectLink, you can ensure that your garden spaces or parks are well equipped to provide essential facilities to everyone.

This directory is used as a resource by many professionals who are working in the railway sector. These mining professionals understand the challenges you face and devise better solutions.

The weight is over! ProjectLink also covers a wide spectrum of solutions when it comes to port safety. Home News Dow announces replacement of insulation range with new high performance offering.

All product photos are illustrative. This comprehensive database lets you browse the right type of products and services for your existing or upcoming rail projects.

XENERGY SL – Dow Building Solutions

Your browser does not support automatic copy to clipboard. We are not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. Scotch-brite pads and rolls. The idea behind ProjectLink is to provide a total road and traffic signage solution with project management. Since different businesses would need safety measures and hence equipment as per their own requirement, ProjectLink has bundled up all leading suppliers of traffic control equipment, survey equipment, and construction equipment.


From contractors to equipment hire and supplies, all doow way from compressed air tools to heavy machinery – the links below have everything you need. Incorporating the best of both engineering and aesthetic, ProjectLink makes it easy for you to complete your road construction job with a smile.

Supports construction of more energy efficient buildings.

Different types of materials are sl-aa in construction industry to create structures and buildings. Batteries for cordless tools. ProjectLink is the one-stop destination for all of your building project needs. Thousands of buyers including architects, engineers, project managers, government officials, construction managers and many others use this online portal to source products and services for their upcoming and existing projects.

Dow announces replacement of insulation range with new high performance offering

ProjectLink features an incredible database of different suppliers and experts in the field of port industry. When it comes to mining technology, functionality, environmental and safety innovations, the suppliers at ProjectLink set the standards. Maintenance is easier with sources for graffiti removal, litter bins and ashtrays, park and street maintenance companies, sprinklers and drip irrigation products – whatever you require.

Whether you are an architect or construction infrastructure professional; this comprehensive online directory makes the process of finding the right products and services for your construction needs as easy as possible. At ProjectLink, you can browse all the leading suppliers for mining machinery, equipment, mining consultants, components, and other products and services to cater your project needs.

Suitcases and bag tools. BSRIA urgent call to action: Machines for grinding floorings. Equipment for electric installation.