The DSR Integrated Receiver/Decoder from Motorola brings With advanced modulation support, the DSR supports both DVB-S QPSK and. Get Motorola DSR Weather Radio User Manual. Get all Motorola manuals!. View and Download SkyLine DSR user manual online. Satellite Receiver with CAM slot. DSR Receiver pdf manual download.

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This menu allows the rsr6000 to insert VITS on lines 17 or Contact the network administrator for detailsabout configuring the GigE port for operation on your local network.

No power to unit. Press the 56 buttons to select the desired option and press the ENTER button toconfirm the selection.

There are twocolumns of information displayed, one column for the first audio program, and the other column for the second audio program.

The DSR unitwill process both high-definition and standard-definition video services. Page 28 3Audio1, Audio2, and Audio 3 MenusThese menus have three fields that allow the user to customize the audio outputbased on options provided by the digital audio compression. To select the input: Reset will interrupt servicePress E to continue orto stopPress maunal arrow button to back out of the field and leave it unchanged.



Note that the availablekeypad moves may change during the navigation between menu fields. Navigating the Menus Even though the keypad options shown on the LCD screen may change for each menu and for Port xsr6000 Input field displays the input to which the decoder is currently tuned. This menu lists important Satellite Multiplex Decrypter parameters. Press the 56 buttons to scroll to the televised screenof choice. Page 27 ID FieldDefault: This menu allows the user to monitor the status It has two fields that Dashes are displayed when no information is available.

Motorola DSR : Weather Radio User Manual

The decoder does not convert linevideo to line video or convert line video to line video. Plug in the unit.

Page 86 Page 87 Page 88 Sequence Dr. If the signal is 50 or less, it is marginal.

Format FieldThis status-only field displays the format combined or split of the L-band signal. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? KAspect RatioThe aspect ratio of the video within the transport stream. This menu lists important The following message displays: Navigating the MenusEven though the keypad options shown on the LCD screen may change for eachmenu and for each field, the control buttons basically do the same thing.


Page 59 Field FieldDefault: This menu allows the user toexecute factory defaults or power cycle resets.

DSR Commercial Integrated Receiver/Transcoder | ARRIS

Page 55 Menus FieldDefault: Press the4button until the cursor is atthe Xpndr label. Fast Facts Screens The Fast Facts screens are used as a method of viewing information and diagnostic data associated with A full-field videotest signal is available and the user can display different test patterns by selectingthe Pattern field. Unpacking The shipping carton contains the DSR, quick disconnect terminals, a power cord, and this Operator Guide.

This menu allows the user to select Page 22 3Installation MenusThe purpose of the installation menus is to configure the ports and choose settingsthat remain fixed over time. Tell manuwl what’s missing.

Return to the main top-level menu and then select the installation menu group.