Title: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Author: SYED MUHAMMAD JAWED, Name: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Length: 48 pages, Page: 1. Dua e Nudba is one of the most famous dua, usually Shia Muslims recite this supplication on Friday mornings before the sunrise lamenting Imam al-Mahdi (a).

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Where is the one demolishing the edifices of polytheism and hypocrisy? And bless his father. My father, my mother, and I turn to you for protection and sanctuary.

dua-e-nudba urdu tarjumy k seth

Killed him a malicious criminal, a contemporary, serving the interest and following the doctrine of earlier impudent villians. Where is the author of the conception of peace, fairplay and welfare? Where is he who shall love dearly the favourites of Allah and take pains to tame and train the trangressors?

It is the standing-place of Abraham. Do you O Son of Ahmed have means and ways to arrange our meeting? Where is the one bringing together all scattered words to piety? Thereafter acknowledged his atonement and provided good and perfection for his children, allotted for him and his children the first sanctuary appointed for mankind, at Becca Meccaa blessed place, a guidance to the people, wherein are plain and clear signs; the place where Ibraahim stood up to pray, and whosoever enters it is safe.

Summa ja-a’lta ajra mohammadin salawaatoka a’layhe wa aalehi mawaddatahum fee ketaabeka fa-qulta qul laa as-alokum a’layhe ajran illal mawaddata fil qurbaa wa qulta maa sa-altokum min ajrin fahowa lakum wa qulta maa as-alokum a’layhe min ajrin illaa man shaaa-a ayn yattakheza elaa rabbehi sabeelan fa-kaanoo homus sabeela elayka wal maslaka elaa rizwaaneka falamman qazat ayyaamohu aqaama waliyyahu a’liyyabna abee taalebin salawaatoka a’layhemaa wa aalehemaa haadeyan iz kaana howal munzera wa le-kulle qawmin haadin fa-qaala wal mala-o amaamahu man kunto mawlaaho fa-a’liyyun mawlaaho allaahumma waale man waalaaho wa a’ade man a’adaaho wan-sur man nasarahu wakh-zul man khazalahu wa qaala man kunto anaa nabiyyahu fa-a’liyyun ameerohu wa qaala anaa wa a’lyyun min shajaratin waahedatin wa saa-irun naaso min shajarin shattaa.


O son of the immaculate and purified ones! While they were in this mean and crooked world, free from its pomp, vanity and false enjoyments, Thy overreaching authority made known their identity; and equipped them with sincerity and perfection stood surety for them and communicated intimately with them, sent the news of their auspicious arrival in advance, and praised them in clear terms for the benefit of one and all.

He patterned after the Messenger. Where is he who shall trim the outgrowth of despair, longing and hardships?

Wa ahallahu mahalla haaroona min moosaa fa qaala lahu anta minnee be-manzelate haaroona min moosaa illaa annahu laa nabiyya ba’-dee wa zawwajahub-natahu sayyedata nesaaa-il a’alameena wa ahalla lahu min masjedehi maa halla lahu wa saddal abwaaba illaa baabahu summa awda-a’hu i’lmahu wa hikmatahu fa-qaala anaa madeenatul i’lme wa a’liyyun baabohaa faman araadal madeenata wal hikmata falyaatehaa min baabehaa summa qaala anta akhee wa wasiyyee wa waaresee lahmoka min lahmee wa damoka min damee wa silmoka silmee wa harboka harbee wal eemaano mokhaaletun lahmaka wa damaka kamaa khaalata lahmee wa damee translatlon anta ghadan a’lal hawze khaleefatee wa anta taqzee daynee wa tunjezo e’daatee wa shee-a’toka a’laa manaabera min noorin mubyazzatan wojoohohum hawlee fil jannate wa hum jeeraanee.

O son of conclusive arguments!

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. O inheritor of the absolute joy translaton happiness! So we are excited with a longing desire. O inheritor of the extraordinary events!

dua-e-nudba urdu tarjumy k seth – video dailymotion

It is tranelation for me that I weep for you but the others disappoint you. Where is the one severing the ropes of fabrication and forgery? It is hard for me that I can see all creatures but I can neither see you. Can it be that we surround you while you are leading the groups. Where is he who shall break up meddlesome trouble and tampering?

You translwtion decided the reward of Muhammad. I eagerly long for you who inspires love and deep affection, and the faithful men and women take delight in your memorable glory.


Where are the authorities of the religion. You bore another one on in Your Ark. Where are the “know all the answers” scholars who communicated and made clear the religion of Allah? Where is the “hope-giving confidante” who shall make full use of the “Book” and define the sphere of action? May my soul be ransom for you; for you are the wish of an eager.

You accepted and drew them near to You. Where is the link that connects the cosmic complex? Wa ba’-zun hamaltahu fee fulkeka wa najjaytahu wa man aamana ma-a’hu menal halakate berahmateka wa ba’-zun ittakhaztahu lenafseka khaleelan wa sa-alaka lesaana sidqin fil aakhereena fa-ajabtahu wa ja-a’lta zaaleka a’liyyan wa ba’-zun kallamtahu min shajaratin takleeman wa ja-a’lta lahu min akheehe rid-an wa wazeeran wa ba’-zun awladtahu min ghayre abin wa aataytahul bayyenaate wa ayyadtahu be-roohil qodose wa kullun shara’-ta lahu sharee-a’tan wa nahajta lahu minhaajan wa takhayyarta lahu awseyaaa-a mustahfezan ba’-da mustahfezin min muddatin elaa muddatin eqaamatan le-deeneka wa hujjatan a’laa e’baadeka wa le-allaa yazoolal haqqo a’n maqarrehi wa yaghlebal baatelo a’laa ahlehi wa laa yaqoola ahadun lawlaa arsalta elaynaa rasoolan munzeran wa aqamta lanaa a’laman haadeyan fanattabe-a’ aayaateka min qable an nazilla wa nakhzaa.

The son of Faatimah, the great! None would precede him in blood relation with the Prophet. It is hard for me that what has happened afflict you other than all the others.

May my soul be ransom for you; for although you are away, you have never been away from us. He then entrusted with him his knowledge and his wisdom.