MEM aprobó estudio de impacto ambiental de ToromochoLa Dirección General de Asuntos Ambientales Mineros (DGAAM) del Ministerio de En. While Chinalco had paid $ million for Toromocho, it expected to produce .. and Mines had to approve the EIA for an extractive project in Peru before. Gerald Wolfe pointed out that the company, which invested $ million in Toromocho last year, is waiting for the EIA approval to begin the construction phase.

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An additional code was assigned to the model to reflect the boundary between the leach cap and interesting mineralization. Rock Type or Zone. Slope Angles All Cases.

PCI personnel and contractors are currently in the process of acquiring minority land holdings within the Toromocho surface rights area. The program is also studying the leachability of high arsenic content ores. IMC has not specifically reviewed or audited the property ownership documents at Toromocho. Arsenic penalties were incorporated into the smelter cost estimate where required. The Toromocho pit area is indicated on the map. Completion of a Bankable Feasibility Study.

Zinc grades in the main pit area are sufficiently low that penalties in concentrate may not be a major issue. These are developed by precise weighing of each of the component pulps in the same ratio as the component of the drill sample within the 10m interval. John Marek visited the Toromocho site during September of and during July of Old Drilling Centrimin – Cerro de Pasco. Average of final 3 cycles. Discussions with PCI and J. MAG of Tucson, Arizona. This resource is preliminary in nature and includes inferred mineral resources that are considered to speculative to have economic considerations applied to them.


Weight composites were also generated for the new holes and those composites were then sequential assayed as follows: Mineral Resources in Addition to Reserves. The impacts of zinc and arsenic on the process have also been investigated.

Consequently, IMC has estimated the sum of the two sequential assays within the block model as the total percent soluble. In this case the comparison is a measure of tlromocho drilling and sampling of the Old Drilling since both assays are from the current lab.

There are other holdings such as: Rock Types Used for Estimation. A sulfide mill and. All of these concentrates exceeded 0.

Block grade estimated by the parameters on Table Heap toromochp operating costs were redeveloped for the new eeia based on the updated ratio of high grade versus low grade leach to the pad. This zone, in turn, is surrounded by a zone of lead-silver vein deposits. Toromocho has significant quantities of arsenic and lesser values of antimony in the deposit.

The climate has two well defined seasons. These were likely a function of drilling problems rather than an effort to match geologic contacts. The ability to depress zinc will be dependent on the zinc mineralogy and liberation size. The selection of the 15m bench height was based on the expectation that a deposit of this scale would be mined with large cable shovels which typically operate in 15m benches. The outer zone is propylitic with epidote, chorite, calcite, and sphene. Figure is a graphic representation of the material movements and head grades.

Skarn Serpentina, Calcopirita, Magnetita. Intervals Identical to B Above.

Toromocho mine – Wikipedia

IMC has chosen not to use the old values for arsenic in the resource estimate. Use eka Old zinc assays if greater than 0. HQ and PQ Core is boxed in wooden boxes at the drill rig. IMC visited two operating sulfide flotation mills in the Toromocho district. Knight Piesold, Chile S.


Toromocho mine

Process recovery testing has focused on the recovery of the economically interesting metals of copper, molybdenum and silver. Toromoho prefers to average the final cycles after equilibrium, in this case the last three cycles of the test.

For comparison, the following statistics for 10m composites of PCI Holes: All ore and toromohco grade material on Table is measured and indicated category mineralization which is reported on Table and proven and probable Mineral Reserves.

If the fraction were greater than tlromocho. The comparisons that follow establish the rules for commingling of the data base sources and multiple assays.

Intrusive bodies cut dipping limestone beds forming calc-silicate metamorphics. The development work was principally done on Composites as supplied by PCI.

Project operating costs are broadly summarized as follows: PCI drilled several diamond drill holes from both the surface and underground locations near the shaft.

IMC interpreted rock type codes for the Magnetite Skarn, and the Hornfels within the larger calc-silicate package based on an indicator estimate. MAG has appended to the report much work produced by others.