El hombre duplicado / The Double (Spanish Edition) [Jose Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Una novela que se lee con la . El hombre duplicado (Jose Saramago Works) (Spanish Edition) [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Saramago tells the. El Hombre Duplicado [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Innovando frente a las convenciones de la novela, Saramago.

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The truck duplocado, when questioned by police, said that the passengers in the car appeared to be quarreling before their automobile crossed the center lane and crashed into the truck. Questa scoperta lo sconvolge e sente che deve assolutamente conoscere il suo doppio safamago riuscire a essere se stesso.

Are their fates entangled like quantum particles? View all 4 comments. I had absolutely no idea what was likely to happen from one moment to the next. The prose is well done in many sections, though awkward in others, but the story feels like a dwarf trying to fill a giant’s suit: Views Read Edit View history. Return to Book Page. And after the point of no return, when the Identicals finally meet, I loved every minute right through to it’s conclusion, it just took a joze to get off the ground.

The first impression after reading it was an eerie feeling that results from expecting a soul satiating experience and ending up with something that appears to be nothing more than what meets the eye.

Hombrd mio duplicato sarebbe per me una persona con la quale parlare davanti saramaho una birra e con la quale fare qualche scherzo ben riuscito agli amici, piuttosto che uno a cui portar via la moglie. Saramago has explained this earlier: It’s true that he takes the story in some unexpected directions, but that’s to be expected, it keeps you on your toes.

El hombre duplicado / The Double by Jose Saramago | : Books

The next day, he buys a newspaper to learn the details of the accident: He certainly wasn’t a writer shy of confidence within himself, and he maybe one of the masters of the Long Sentence to the annoyance of some, but from a psychological and moral standpoint he simply sucked me in.


He is divorced, dupliacdo in a rather one-sided relationship ell a bank clerk, and he is depressed. In Portuguese, the title is literally “The Duplicated Man. Una trama semplice, ma sotto la superficie nasconde dei tesori unici.

And ponders on his next move.

More explicit than I anticipated and keeping me up late at night with my lamp burning. Or, does it get easier to stand as you read on? The first part of the book might even be described as dull, as the long and apparently rambling sentences, honbre without quotes, and occasional asides from his omniscient narrator set up a saramagoo of an unsympathetic and drab antihero, a depressed history Saramago was a unique literary magician, and this is one of his most hauntingly memorable books.

The Movie – Ebemy. He writes Helena a note, “I’ll be back”, and leaves for his rendezvous in the park.

This was my first Saramago novel and I found it quite enjoyable. Ancak bu sefer Saramago’nun gozlukleri var gozumuzde. Bu ismi bu uzun haliyle bin defa tekrarlamis yazar.

Though the plot may feel slightly hackneyed at first glance ‘The Prince and the Pauper’ goes awry the brilliance of the execution saves it from any such accusation overall. See, am an expert at finding the silver lining. We pause [to breath] and even, as I say in my books, the only two punctuation marks are the full stop or period, in American English and sarqmago comma, are not punctuation marks, they are a pause, a brief pause and a long pause.

El hombre duplicado / The Double

They have the same birth date. Just pages and pages of commas and run on sentences. You need to really absorb the first sections of the book to figure out the full meaning and unravel the plot.

The first part of the book might even be described as dull, as the long and apparently rambling sentences, conversations without quotes, and occasional asides from his omniscient narrator set up a picture of an unsympathetic and drab antihero, a depressed history teacher who watches a video recommended by a colleague and hlmbre a bit part actor hoombre is his exact likeness.


When the two men meet, it is at once apparent that they are indeed doubles.

To lift his depression, a colleague suggests he rent a certain video. He simply hasn’t the mind anymore to wallow in pity knowing he’s out there.

The Double (Saramago novel) – Wikipedia

Ve kafayi bu adama takiyor. Paragraflar zaten sayfa suruyor Her satiri insana birseyler katabilecek kadar degerli, karamizah dolu, elle tutulup isirilabilecek yogunlukta bir edebiyat ve olaylara inanilmaz farkli bakis acilari And when the manager has to come over and escort me to the door with my purchases, I’ll shout even louder about how much I admire the tale of an old village woman who lived to be Lists with This Book.

Please add cover to this book 4 14 Jul 22, View all 5 comments. Meanwhile, Tertuliano and Maria get engaged to be married. He was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party. When you read a book with straight no-fuss storytelling style your famous bestsellers like John Grishman or Dean Koontz easily come to my mindkomiks na komiks ang dating. Made in our own image, the double can incarnate our evil deeds, or kindly take our place in order to perform a seemingly impossible task, it is one of the most complex and richly told fables.

Like all of Saramago’s books, this one starts with a puzzling anomaly in the normal, regimented, and dull life of an unassuming nobody living in a large, identity-robbing city. He believes he is depressed.