NICAN MOPOHUA, the original XVI Century Guadalupe’s apparitions story. NICAN MOPOHUA (“HERE IS TOLD”) and set down in order how a short time ago. A complete title of the Nican Mopohua was translated by the Library’s was imprinted an image of La Morenita, Mother of God, on the garment. Nican Mopohua. The summary of the text from this book was made by Father Johann Roten, S.M. with the permission of the publisher and author. Stream of.

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I bid thee farewell, I thy humble servant.

Los criados del Obispo que siguen al Beato Juan Diego. Juan Diego was very sad.

All About Mary

However, there is a document about Guadalupe which is not often mentioned. Let not the sickness of thine uncle distress thee anymore, for he will not die yet.

I saw the prelate and related to him thy message. The specific problem is: In the Nahuatl language of symbols birds, as well as winged angels, are expressions of divine mediation and flowers point to the truth of things. The other parts are clearly different and with greater Spanish influence. Juan Diego at once went off and, when he reached the top, he stood astonished before a choice variety of flowers blooming before their due season. Her raiment shone like the sun; the rock on which she set her foot seemed to be hewn from precious stones and the ground red like the rainbow.


Our Lady of Guadalupe In the bishop’s palace he had a long time to wait. He called a doctor in the morning and at night his uncle, feeling that his hour had come, asked him to go early to Tlaltelolco to find a priest.

After them an enormous multitude rendered an indescribable homage to the Virgin. University of Arizona Press. Juan Diego went straight to the hill.

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Because the apparition, and the purportedly miraculous transposition of the Virgin’s image onto Diego’s tilma ” mantle ” of ayatli. En el manto de la Virgen de Guadalupe se encuentra representado con mucha fidelidad, el cielo del solsticio de invierno de que tuvo lugar a las Fernando Leal made the illustrations inspired by native Indian codices.

Al llegar Juan Diego al palacio del Obispo salieron a su encuentro el mayordomo y otros criados del prelado.

It is inaccurate to equate -tzin routinely with the Spanish diminutive, which is more limited in scope, although probably somewhat expanded in Colonial Mexico under the influence of Nahuatl usage. Some sources place Valeriano’s birth, at Azcapotzalco, as early ashence just before the fall of Tenochtitlan. Su Buena Noticia es una palabra eficaz.

Inten years after the capture of Mexico City, peace allowed the mission fathers to teach the Catholic faith among the Indians and to baptize their children. Next day, Sunday, Juan Diego left his house very early to take knowledge of divine matters.

Nican Mopohua: Here It Is Told

In it Lasso addresses the Virgin directly, and after an introduction of four to five lines proceeds to the reason why he took up Nahuatl in order to publish the history of the apparitions:. Thou shalt tell him in my name to see my will in them. The grass, the trees and mkpohua bushes were like emeralds; mopohuz foliage, fine turquoise; and the branches flashed like gold. There are countless Nahuatl transcriptions of this text, as well as Spanish and English translations, often anonymous.


The hill of Tepeyac is said to have been a sacred place of long standing, the seat of the cult of an obscure goddess known as “Our Beloved Mother” To-nan-tzinwhose name, after the Spanish Conquest, became confusingly suggestive of the veneration of the Virgin Mary of Catholicism.

Terrified the flowers would fall to the floor, he lifted a corner of his cloak to placate his tormentors. Many of the changes I have made in the anonymous English translation have attempted to “fix” translations of -tzin that struck me as mischievous.

Nican Mopohua : University of Dayton, Ohio

The following text is a condensed version of the translation made by Primo Feliciano Velazquez from the original in Nahuatl. Immediately thereafter the cape was hung in the chapel.

In the bishop’s palace he had a long time to wait. Nobody knows who composed it, although the most commonly proposed author is Antonio Valeriano ?