Tithe: el reino de la corte oscura by Holly Black at – ISBN X – ISBN – Ediciones Alfaguara – Literatura.(82) Libros infantiles y juveniles.() Alfaguara. Madrid. 22 cm. p. Encuadernación en tapa dura de editorial. Black, Holly “Beautiful Creatures” series (The Caster Chronicles). The popular paranormal romance series include 4 books, that tell the story of Ethan and Lena, two teens.

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Tithe is a difficult book for me to rate and review. When I picked this up in my local used bookstore and noticed it was a couple of bucks, I snagged it.

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I just wasn’t a fan of any of the characters. The one that I am looking forward to the most is Zombies vs. If you can get past the first pages the story starts to pick up.

Like “Oh there is the palace of the evil faerie queen! And her attitude towards others just What if a tailor could save a life? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Our heroes in these books are much younger than the cheeky teens in her young adult novels. I’m intrigued about the next one as I think that the story will improve then as more of the faere world should be shown.

Black understands the complexities of human and faerie nature so well that the se on the page could be sitting next to the reader, telling their tales in shaky, excited whispers. Kaye becomes a pawn in a deadly game between two courts of blacj. Valiant does beautiful work of creating a glowing light around hplly despair that drags us down in everyday life.

Where’d the crazy, creative girl go? So when I say I would rather have read a contemporary novel about Kaye- It really says something. But for all of these negative qualities, Tithe remains readable and exhibits some real jewels and true potential as it goes on.

The world is dark and painful. She starts living on the streets after finding out that her boyfriend and mother were having an affair. On to the best part of the book – Roiben was a great male lead.


Cry or something and I’ll comfort you with chocolate cupcakes or something. She does a passable tribufo of wising up, if not growing up, and the action-y scenes are quite fun as her wanna-be beau fights off orders to kill her, she tries to rescue her almost-friend from a dangerous lover, and both the supposedly good and definitely bad faeries line up to use her for their political ends even if it means killing her.

I have always said that I think Holly is almost singlehandedly responsible for the world of fae YA fiction that so many of us now know and love, and after reading Tithe, despite its imperfections, I adamantly stand by that belief. She currently lives in New England with her husband and son in a house with a secret door.

Feb 12, C. They might be the anti-christ, but there are a few things they still do better like collating ratings and reviewsso I will use them until their betrayal outweighs their usefulness or I have no friends left there. Black crote a poor job of making their love believable. At some point an interesting, troubled but imaginative and a bit crazy teen turns into your basic do-gooder female heroine.

There is also a death in the story. Easy, I ask one of my companions to cover it. I loved the grittiness of the world and the protagonist. He was unmemorable as well, truthfully, but while reading I really liked his character. I don’t think I’ll ever re-read this book, but I don’t hate that I picked it up. Her mom would jump from one girl band to the next, drinking heavily, singing her heart out and there Kaye was to pick up the pieces.

But… I honestly had so much fun. The drug of choice for these characters is like nothing any junkie has every shot up; it was a faerie medicine that gave mortal humans a taste of magic. Kaye had next to no personality and she was super forgettableand since I finished this book almost two weeks ago, the only other character that I can remember is the one I mentioned in my Goodreads mini-review; one of the leading fairies named Roiben.


She doesn’t even care trubuto Kaye had dropped out and never attended high school!


One day something bad happens that makes Kaye and her mom Ellen move back in with the grandma. Books one and three both feature the same group of characters two of whom have a romantic storyline; book two has a different set of …more It does indeed! Maybe I just lived a sheltered life, but wouldn’t have identified with any of these characters as a young adult, and I still don’t now as an adult. These teenagers drink, smoke, party and have sex.

These treated faeries with the same eerie respect and understanding that they are not all light and flowers, they are much darker than we anticipate.

This is going to be the first time that I have guest writers share their input concerning aspects of events. It read like an early work of hers, which makes sense since it was, but it just didn’t hold up for me to the work I’ve read recently. But why did the two courts decide that swapping the knights would be a good idea in the first place? Black consistently defies the expectation of the supernatural and approaches it with a darker perspective, an honest perspective.

While graphic novels tend to be clrte short read, Black and Naifeh craft a marvelous tale of shadows and trickery that makes you take the time to truly look at the images.