A far cry from Sweet Valley High, this wry, engaging story of a high-school election in a New Jersey town a couple of exits away from Glen Ridge is. Reese Witherspoon played Tracy Flick in Election. MTV Films. Novelist Tom Perrotta’s books have become one of our most consistently. Tracy Flick wants to be President of Winwood High. She’s one of those ambitious girls who finds time to do it all: edit the yearbook, star in the musical, sleep with.

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Solid plotting guarantees that the reader really does want to learn who wins when the ballots are finally counted. But this nifty little story, with its staccato jumps from character to character as the voice of narration, as well as Perro I am a nearly-rabid fan of the movie version of Tom Perrotta’s “Election”, and it recently occurred to me that I had never read the book!

Un libro che cattura il vy dall’incipit. M despises Tracy because she got his best friend fired and thus he plots perrltta make sure that Tracy does not become president. I was moved, Paul. M full of idealism. It was interesting to discover how the book had been streamlined. May 28, Caitlin rated it it was amazing. Jun 19, Josh rated it it was amazing. Combined with the break-up of his marriage, he has nowhere else to go.

Her heart is set on becoming President of Winwood, and what Tracy wants, Tracy gets. Tracy’s one perrott those students of boundless energy and ambition who somehow finds the time to do everything — edit the school paper, star in the musical, sleep with her favorite teacher. Goodreads hy you keep track of books you want to read.


Election by Tom Perrotta

The book is quietly steeped in a compassion that, for me, I did not fully realize until I finished it. M the idealistic or naive?

Just like many Arcade Fire songs, this story does not have the typical Hollywood happy ending, which somehow makes it more believable. And that’s just the problem, according to Mr. I know all of that. I would classify elecrion as a dessert book-it’s light and short and doesn’t fill you up like some of those “steak dinner” books we all know and love, but it certainly is enjoyable.

M needed a great deal more depth. With weeks to go before election day, her victory is nearly a foregone conclusion.

Sensitive middle-aged man lit it was boring. The film has become one of those 90s classics which has managed to seep into popular culture whilst the character of Tracy Flick has very much become a cultural icon, joining the ranks of Cher Horowitz and Nancy Downs.

It didn’t fit with the biting tone of the story, either. She’s about the same as in the film.

Election Book Summary and Study Guide

I also preferred the ending in the book, it brought the story full circle. Even though it ended on the perfect note, I wanted more!!! Mccallister played by Matthew Broderickis pissed off that Tracey has made eldction and is riding in the limo. I didn’t get invested in any of the characters.

I was, and I wound up liking the book just about as much.

The film attempts to somewhat pardon Mr. Maybe I was scared it wouldn’t live up to the brilliance of his others. He lost major points with me for being so obviously in love with his own novel, Little Children, when adapting it to film I’m surprised he wasn’t on a stage reading the book for the film. That is until Mr. I liked the characters and the way the author gets straight to the heart of them and his depiction perrottz suburban America. Excellent portrayal of high school from an adult and young adult perspective.


So now I have. In talking about the novel, Payne didn’t mention the author – and also said something about the character of Tracy being a lot more sexual in the book, so he wanted to tone her down. This shows her rebellious nature and establishes her as a strong character.

I’m very impressed with Perrotta’s writing. That doesn’t mean she’s a coward in other relationships that she didn’t that time, or all other aspects of all else. Lots of insight into ton nature Winwood High School is an anonymous high school, in a generic small town, where most people seem to be interested in high school sports and getting into a good college, rather than the upcoming presidential election.

Election (novel) – Wikipedia

Scheduled for release as a feature film instarring Matthew Broderick. The novel ends with Mr. The story takes place inamidst the U. Please try again later. I re-read it at least once a year.

No, Perrotta makes it believable when he goes from Mr. I had fun with it, and loved the writing style.

However, she is not quite as perfect as her classmates assume. This page was last edited on 18 Juneat I liked this book a lot, but then I’m a Perrotta fan. I think there’s a word eleftion what I’m trying to describe that doesn’t carry with it the claustrophobic, put-upon implications of “Kafkaesque,” but I can’t think of it right now.

Dec 09, Suzanne rated it it was amazing.