EMDEX (Essential Medicines InDEX) is the most commonly used reference source of drug and therapeutic information by healthcare professionals in Nigeria . Emdex, (), The Complete Drug Formulary, Healthy Professionals, Lph, American Journal of Medical Sciences and Medicine. , Vol. 2 No. 2, EMDEX MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES. EMDEX Accessories (E-Probe, LINDA Wheel, Amp-Logger, EMCALC Software). EMDEX.

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The aim of this exposure assessment study was to gain information about the exposure levels of adolescents in Israel to power frequency 50Hz magnetic fields MF through personal monitoring, and to provide reliable data for national policy development.

The meter recorded the MF every 1. Little is known about the real everyday exposure of children in Europe to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields ELF-MFs. The aims of this study are to i assess personal ELF-MF exposure in children; ii to identify factors determining personal and bedroom ELF-MF exposure measurements in children; iii to evaluate the reproducibility of exposure summary measures; and iv to compare personal with bedroom measurements.

The surrounding outdoor environment for new development has a big effect on the indoor quality of emdrx. The main aim of this work was to determine the suitability of the area for building new schools with reference to electromagnetic field EMF effects.

The specific objective of this study was to detect the safe distance from the EMF posed by the high-tension overhead power lines in the vicinity of the specified area. The aim of the present study was to prepare sublingual delivery systems for sildenafil and evaluate its relative bioavailability after sublingual administration in rabbits to attain a rapid onset of action with good efficacy at lower emdez.

For sublingual application, sildenafil and its citrate were formulated in 2 different dosage forms: Results showed that sublingual absorption of sildenafil spray prepared with PG was fairly rapid.

To explore the correlation between maternal magnetic field MF exposure in daily edmex and embryonic development. A cross-sectional study was conducted among pregnant women who were seeking induced abortion of unwanted pregnancies.

Participating women were asked to 20013 an EMDEX Lite magnetic field meter for a h period to obtain MF exposure level within 4 weeks following the abortion. To measure and assess the levels of occupational exposure to power frequency electromagnetic fields in workers of power grid.

PMM electromagnetic fields measuring system with EHP probe was used to measure the levels of electromagnetic fields at working place. We conducted a pilot study to assess magnetic field levels in electric compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, and established a methodology that would provide valid data for further assessments. The sample consisted of 14 vehicles, all manufactured between January and April ; 6 were gasoline-powered vehicles and 8 were electric vehicles of various types.

Of the eight models available, three were represented by a gasoline-powered vehicle and at least one electric vehicle, enabling intra-model comparisons. The aim of this study was to evaluate an exposure assessment method that emdwx apartments in three exposure categories of extremely low frequency magnetic fields ELF-MF based on the location of the apartment relative to the transformer room.

We completed measurements in 39 apartments in 18 buildings. To compare occupational exposure to extremely-low-frequency magnetic field ELF-MF between dentists practicing in dental clinics and those employed in hospitals.

The study dentists were requested to wear an ELF-MF dosimeter for some 3 h at work to determine their personal exposure. The characterisation of population exposure to a Hz magnetic field MF is important for assessing health effects of electromagnetic fields. With the aim of estimating and characterising the exposure of the French population to Hz MFs, two representative samples of the population were made.

A random selection method based on the distribution of households in different regions of France was used. Numerous electronic devices have been introduced into operating rooms. Although little is known about the relationship between exposure to electromagnetic fields and health hazards, several studies have demonstrated causal relationships between electromagnetic fields exposure and various symptoms, cancers, and other diseases. This study was approved by the Institutional Review Board.

Between February and Aprila total smdex 80 single-dwelling households close Read More. Occupational magnetic field MF exposure is less thoroughly characterized in occupations typically held by women.

Our objective was to characterize occupational 50 Hz MF personal exposure PE among female sewing machine operators. We measured the full shift PE of 51 seamstresses, who worked in two shifts and h according to their normal work routine. Differential scanning calorimetry DSC was used as a screening technique for assessing the compatibility of DHEA as ternary complex with alpha-cyclodextrin and glycine c-DHEA with some excipients suitable for preparation of sustained-release matrix tablets by direct compression.

The effect of sample mechanical treatment due to the compression process was also evaluated. In order emdfx investigate the possible interactions between the components, the DSC curves of c-DHEA emex each selected excipient were compared with those of their 1: Peak magnetic field exposure was associated with increased risk of miscarriage in 2 recent studies. Reduced physical activity levels in healthy pregnancies may affect measured exposure and thus bias results.


We recruited pregnant women to wear an Actigraph accelerometer and EMDEX magnetic field monitor for a 7-day period.

Our lack of knowledge about the biological mechanisms of 50 Hz magnetic fields makes it hard to improve exposure assessment. To provide better information about these exposure measures, emcex use multidimensional analysis techniques to examine the relations between different exposure metrics for a group of subjects. We used a combination of a two stage Principal Component Analysis PCA followed by an ascending hierarchical classification AHC emxex identify a set of measures that would capture the characteristics of the total exposure.

Most epidemiological studies on adverse health effects among women in relation to occupational magnetic field exposure have been based on information about men’s exposure.

To create a job-exposure matrix for occupational exposure to endex low frequency magnetic fields among women. Measurements were performed using personal magnetic field meters Emdex Lite carried by the subjects for 24 hours on a normal workday. During the study, 81 individuals and 30 companies were approached with 79 individuals and 25 companies agreeing to participate.

Essential Medicines Index (EMDEX) (FREE – Download

The present work was aimed at developing a new colonic drug delivery system which takes advantage of the combined approaches of a specifically colon-biodegradable pectin matrix with a pH-sensitive Eudragit S polymeric coating.

The developed system was able to suitably retard the onset of drug release and to provide a colon-specific delivery, thus overcoming the problems of pectin solubility in the upper gastrointestinal tract and low site-specificity of simple pH-dependent systems.

Due to the poor compactability properties of pectin, it was used in mixture with Emdex, a hydrophilic directly-compressible material, in order to make it possible to prepare tablets by direct compression. The present study was aimed at developing a novel sodium diclofenac formulation for colonic release. The proposed delivery system consisted in a polymeric matrix tablet containing a drug central core purposely designed for obtaining a time-controlled release profile characterized by an initial phase of lag-time followed by a controlled release phase, according to zero order kinetics.

The spheric central core was formed by a solid dispersion of the drug into the hydrophilic polymer PEGwhich enabled an improvement of drug dissolution properties with respect to other carriers such as lactose.

Participants collected urine samples and recorded cellular telephone use over 3 consecutive workdays. We examined the association of 6-sulfatoxymelatonin aMT6s excretion with in-bed Hz magnetic field MF exposure and other potential regulators. To investigate relationships between residential exposure to power frequency magnetic field and sleep initiation and maintenance disorders SIAMD.

A cross-sectional design conducted in an urban town of northern Taiwan in A total of 5, married women aged Thirty-eight partial period personal samples were monitored in six different job classifications.

A new oral dosage form for controlled and complete release of drug after a predetermined lag time is described. The system, designed to exploit the relatively constant small intestine transit time, consists of a drug-containing core coated with a polymeric matrix formed by a channeling agent NaCl, mannitol, and Emdex and an inert polymer Eudragit RS The lag time was found to be dependent on type and particle size of the channeling substances used.

A walkthrough survey method was developed for measuring ambient magnetic fields MFs in industrial facilities as the first stage in hazard surveillance. This survey was designed to measure the mean and peak MF magnitudes at extremely low frequencies ELFsso that factories could be ranked by MF levels and prioritized for subsequent personal exposure monitoring.

Sixty-two facilities from 13 Standard Industrial Classifications SICs with the highest monthly electric power usage were surveyed. We carried out the study to assess, using field surveys and personal dosimetry, the potential exposure of pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants to 60 Hz magnetic fields in a medical center of Taiwan.

Field surveys were conducted twice in the pharmacy where two workers were randomly selected and solicited to wear personal dosimetry instruments for a full-shift assessment of personal exposure. We used an EMDEX II for on site measurements and did not consider any specific instrument or equipment for health care services as potential sources of magnetic field. The effects of four directly compressible excipients such as Avicel, Dipac, Ditab and Emdex on the stability of ascorbic acid tablets were evaluated.

Ascorbic acid tablets were formulated by the direct compressive method at constant temperature and pressure. In vitro tablet properties such as weight uniformity, hardness, friability, moisture content, disintegration time and dissolution rate were evaluated. Twenty-three volunteers were solicited to wear three PEMs simultaneously; one was attached to a baseball cap worn on the head, one was attached to a band and worn around the neck positioned on the chestand one was worn in a belted pouch around the waist positioned on the right side of the hip.


The effect of PEM placement was evaluated by comparing full-shift average exposures and daily maximum or peak exposure. In a population-based study, we examined residential power frequency electromagnetic field exposures for adults newly diagnosed with histologically confirmed glioma between August 1, and April 30,in the San Francisco Bay area and controls, obtained through random-digit dialing frequency, matched to cases for age, gender, and race.

Residential exposure assessment consisted of spot measures with EMDEX Enertech Consultants, Campbell, CA meters and wire codes based on characterization and location of nearby power lines. We considered the index residence at the time of the case’s diagnosis or the control’s interview and all other California residences of each subject for 7 years before study entry.

The effects of occupational 60 Hz magnetic field and ambient light exposures on the pineal hormone, melatonin, were studied in male electric utility workers in Colorado, Melatonin was assessed by radioimmunoassay of its metabolite, 6-hydroxymelatonin sulfate 6-OHMSin post-work shift urine samples.

Personal magnetic field and light exposures were measured over 3 consecutive days using EMDEX C meters adapted with light sensors. The main objective of this work was to evaluate the compaction behavior and record the work and the force involved in the compaction of blends and granules of two dextrose-based directly compressed excipients using a single-punch instrumented tablet press.

The second objective was to identify the predominant form of deformation for the two different directly compressible excipients. The objectives of this research were to evaluate the physical properties and compaction behavior of two dextrose-based directly compressed excipients.

Flight crews are exposed to elevated levels of cosmic radiation and to magnetic fields generated by the aircraft’s electrical system.

EMDEX II – Low Frequency Magnetic Field Exposure System

The purpose of this study was to quantify these two occupational exposures. Magnetic fields were measured during 37 flights 23 in the cockpit and 14 in the cabin using an Emdex Lite personal dosimeter. A method is presented which links on-site electromagnetic field monitoring data with pre-existing work history data. The linkage is used to estimate cumulative and average annualized magnetic field exposure for a case-control study.

On-site electromagnetic field monitoring data for 1, volunteer utility employees, at 59 sites in the United States and three other countries, were obtained from a large project the EMDEX project designed to collect, analyze, and document Hz electric and magnetic field exposures for a diverse population. The incomplete understanding of the relation between power-frequency fields and biological responses raises problems in defining an appropriate metric for exposure assessment and epidemiological studies.

Based on evidence from biological experiments, one can define alternative metrics or effects functions that embody the relationship between field exposure patterns and hypothetical health effects. In this paper, we explore the application of the “effects function” approach to occupational exposure data.

This paper demonstrates the application of effects function analysis to residential magnetic field exposure, focusing on appliance sources and mitigation choices.

In particular, field exposure from the use of bedside clocks and electric blankets was examined. Measurements of the flux density and spectra of magnetic fields MFs generated by several types of electric bed heaters EBH were made in order to characterize the MFs to which the fetus may be exposed in utero from the mother’s use of these devices. Data on MPs were gathered from more than 1, in-home and laboratory spot measurements.

In-home measurements taken at seven different positions 10 cm from the EBHs determined that the mean flux density at the estimated position of the fetus relative to the device was 0. To define a protocol for surrogate measurement of magnetic field exposure by questionnaire, a series of spot and hour measurements was made at 50 houses in Avon, UK.

Measurements were made with Emdex II equipment in the centres of rooms with the house power encountered at the start of the visit, and then with all power to the house isolated at the main switch. The mean spot magnetic field averaged over the 50 homes for each room varied between 0. Aggregation of insulin and its prevention by carbohydrate excipients was investigated in this study.

Aggregation was induced in solid-state by incubating with moisture at 37 degrees C, or in solution by lyophilization, shaking or multiple passage through a needle.