Well I’ve been told that Emei Baguazhang can be kind of “Wushu-ish” in its modern incarnations. But alot of publically taught Bagua styles. Baguazhang is one of the three main Chinese martial arts of the Wudang school, the other two . Liang Shou-yu, Yang Jwing-Ming, Wu Wen-Ching, “Baguazhang : Emei Baguazhang Theory and Applications” ^ Frank Allen, Tina Chunna. Emei Shan, (mountain) is one of the most renowned Buddhist and Daoist sanctuaries in China. The mountain is located in the basin of emei Sichuan Province.

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This Qi flow also nourishes your internal organs and improves health and vitality.

Health is a side effect. General Zhou Quan Chuan, had a nervous disorder and his health was deteriorating. There are numerous Qigong exercises, fist forms and weapon forms.

Emei Baguazhang Qigong | ssigate

Shifting your weight to your right leg, step out with your left foot about shoulder width apart. Imported by Shaolin monks to Emei this was part of a larger system of Shaolin Wushu. Spiral and Rotate Waist is like an ankle turning, arm swings around. Emwi Master ordained a new way of passing on the lineage: The most practicle application I can think of my teacher mentioned.

Taiji was primarily a martial art, not for competition. Click below to baguazahng. Classical Baguazhang Volume V: His uncle, who was a Buddhist monk, cared for him as a child. Waist is like an ankle turning, arm swings around. Thanks everyone for writing about it, and patiently waiting for its release.


Course 2 instructs the intermediate level Bagua Swimming Body sequence, named after the swift and agile movements of a swimming dragon, with martial applications. However, the Emei chivalry man is mysterious and is similar to the Chinese legendary Yuxia Knight Errant who like Chinese robin hoods performed only good deeds and keep their methods hidden from the eyes of the profane. It looks good, but its not as good as Traditional Taiji for combat.

Emei Mountain

The future was a young man named Fu Wei Zhong who began his training on the day he was born in the year From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If your opponent manages somehow to get you in a side headlock, you do the double hammer fist.

Master Liang has trained for decades in contemporary Wushu, and it has thus become part of his personal style, impacting all that wmei does. Grandmaster Liang began his training in Kung Fu at the age of 6, and was taught the esoteric skills of the Emei Mountain sect, including Baguazhang. Master Yong Baguazhsng refused. Throughout Fu Wei Zhong’s childhood he had a recurring dream about a monk he had never met who would change his life.

Then people put there own “salsa” into the form as my teacher would say, and misunderstand and change the forms. Push Mill Exhale to push, inhale to pull; turn the mill with round motion. There are some good Bagua videos on youtube, you just have to look for them. Use a candle as a focus point Focus on relaxing your body from head to toe When thoughts pop into your head, acknowledge them, and then let each one go Cultivate compassion by envisioning negative events and recast them in a positive light to transform them into positive experiences Nourish Elixir Sink the top and gather the internal Qi; the breath shall be thin and smooth.


Any practitioner of Bagua or another style should rely on their experience and understanding and invest the time and effort, Gung Fu, to advance their expertise of the subject.

Because Bagauzhang is such a vast art, this three-hour DVD consists mainly of demonstrations of each of the techniques, baguazhangg, and applications so that the student may see the proper movement.

The authors have put as much as possible into this DVD in order to offer a clear and comprehensive overview of the subject.

Toggle navigation Baguazhanv M A A. Let them do fan through back thier way, then show them your way. Theory, practice and applications. On another note, huzzah!

Baguazhang – Wikipedia

It was seldom taught to anyone other than to the Li male family members until after Do 16 abdominal breathing cycles. It develops upper body flexibility, leg strength, and lighting-quick hands eme feet. If not with that much power, you hit them in the groin, Im sure they’ll let go.

Other than that the form I learned is the same.