Performance where and when you need it. The EqualLogic PSXV continues the EqualLogic tradition of performance scaling linearly with capacity.1 With up. Performance and capacity where and when you need it. The EqualLogic PSXV ” continues the. EqualLogic tradition of performance scaling linearly. This is a refurbished Dell EqualLogic PSXV ” iSCSI SAN storage array with a 1-Year overnight parts replacement warranty. The Dell EqualLogic.

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Overseas deliveries may be subject to local import taxes or duties, which the customer shall be liable for. Live Help Chat to our team now. Equzllogic is linear, enabling administrators to scale not only disk drives but also controllers, ports, cache, and performance as the environment grows.

The EqualLogic peer storage architecture makes enterprise-class performance, scalability, and reliability possible in an intelligent, automated management framework that helps eliminate tedious administrative tasks while enabling easy best-practices storage management.

Master your data-hungry tasks with EqualLogic PSXV – powerful performance with easy, flexible management for small or midsize companies and enterprise branch offices. Intelligent data management allows organizations to optimize the value of their storage investment with a better use of resources.

Each EqualLogic array ships with a powerful set of features that help you manage, protect and optimize your data. Used Cisco Networking Hardware. When multiple arrays are added together the PS Series quickly scales, and performance grows linearly with each additional array.

Feature-rich software portfolio The EqualLogic PS Series arrays include innovative firmware and host software with no additional cost or software licensing fees. Peer provisioning enables enterprises to purchase storage on demand, which facilitates efficient use of both capital and storage resources. We have solutions to help you finance your purchase.

Dell EqualLogic PSXV – Reliant Technology

Automatic failover and failback functions enable non-disruptive testing of the disaster recovery deployment in addition to facilitating continuous access to data. Exceptional ease of management EqualLogic storage is designed to provide rapid deployment, simple management and seamless expansion.

From a Windows-based system, administrators can potentially have a PS Series array up and running in just minutes. A maximum of two 2 PS4x00 arrays can be in a group. EqualLogic PS Series arrays use industry-standard protocols, disk drives, and network interfaces to provide low connection costs and high performance access to data.


Take advantage of highly virtualized peer storage for linear performance and capacity scalability. This technology provides the foundation for online expansion, automatic configuration and load balancing, performance optimization, and advanced software functionalities – all with continuous access to data. Dell’s EqualLogic storage solutions deliver the benefits of consolidated networked storage in a self-managing, iSCSI storage area network that is affordable and easy to use, regardless of scale.

Value-added services Dell demonstrates its commitment to ensuring customer success not only by simplifying network storage with the EqualLogic PS Series, but also by delivering consistently superb customer and professional services.

Using patented, page-based data mover technology, members in a storage area network SAN work together to automatically manage data, load balance across resources, and expand to meet growing storage needs. Speed of Response Protection Premium Proactive Mission Critical – Perfect for server and storage environments where avoiding unplanned downtime and reducing recovery time through priority response are a must.

All EqualLogic storage products include host integration tools to simplify operation in Microsoft Windows, Linux and VMware environments. The PS Series has built-in storage features once relegated solely to top-tier data centers, enabling enterprise-class storage for virtually every size organization.

Dell uses standard tools, a proven methodology and expert consultants to mitigate associated risk and minimize downtime. Integrate full snapshot, replication and application integration for data protection and disaster recovery. Shipping Methods We ship via Fedex. Enterprise-class performance A breakthrough, scale-out architecture gives EqualLogic storage performance and scalability once reserved for top-tier data centers, enabling best-practice storage for every size organization.

The proven, high-performance, self-managing storage arrays are designed to meet equallogi requirements of your growing business. With a variety of systems built for capacity and performance, there is a Dell EqualLogic solution designed to suit your needs. PS Series arrays are designed to implement safe snapshot recovery in which data is not discarded unintentionally, helping provide the flexibility to implement true enterprise storage.

Items are fully tested and professionally packaged to ensure functionality on arrival. Unified, virtualized storage With its unified, virtualized architecture, EqualLogic enables organizations to manage both block- and file-based storage in a group equwllogic through a single GUI instance – that can seamlessly grow to up to 2 PB1 in capacity, providing flexibility and operational equallkgic for any mix of structured application data and unstructured file data.


SAN HQ provides equalolgic event and performance monitoring, historical reporting, capacity trending, and detailed analyses for groups, pools, and individual volumes.

Open All Close All. PS Series storage arrays include SAN configuration features and capabilities that sense network connections, automatically build RAID sets, and conduct system health checks.

Used Dell EqualLogic PSXV ” SAS iSCSI SAN Storage Array

Operate — Dell can help optimize your storage, backup and virtual environments by focusing on remote monitoring, reporting and alerts, along with full remote management for storage and backup, freeing up IT resources.

Whether you are seeking to consolidate storage, migrate from DAS or NAS, streamline data protection, or expand capacity, the PS Series of proven, self-managing storage arrays will meet the demanding requirements of your business-critical environment. The PS Series addresses branch office and SMB storage needs with simplified administration, rapid deployment and an affordable price, while providing a full set of enterprise-class data protection and management features, solid performance, scalability and fault-tolerance.

Because of the unique peer storage architecture used by EqualLogic PS Series arrays, instead of relying solely on individual components to deliver high performance, peer control leverages all relevant components. E-mail home functionality enables EqualLogic to rapidly respond to issues and assist administrators. Auto-replication provides affordable and easy-to-configure replication over any distance using existing IP networks without requiring the purchase of additional software licenses or complex configurations.


Dell EqualLogic PS4100XV

Your Shopping Cart is empty. Built-in monitoring and notifications provide e-mail, syslog support, and comprehensive Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP monitoring and traps—all standard features. Peer control offers virtualized storage management with a single view.

Its components are fully redundant and hot swappable with dual controllers, standard dual fan trays, and standard dual power supplies. Call a Specialist Today! Each disk drive is interconnected with its own independent, hot-swappable serial channel and secured mechanically with an inertia-dampening chassis that helps eliminate drive equxllogic.

Twelve 12 15K SAS hot-pluggable hard drives. Snapshots can be used for quick recovery and offloading backup operations.