Mortal Coils has ratings and reviews. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies said: We must not let the other family have such power ove. Mortal Coils (Mortal Coils, #1) and All That Lives Must Die (Mortal Coils, #2). Fifteen-year-old twins Eliot and Fiona Post are, unbeknownst to them, descended from two age-old warring dynasties. Their oppressive.

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Can you help me write an outline or query letter? The story is incredible, no matter what category it falls into. I have flagged the sequel as to read, and I intend to get around to it eventually.

Mortal Coils Series

Now days there are so many YA books that focus on younger characters hence the YA part but those characters are still logical and at least somewhat mature. They compete by playing word games He is more compassionate than Fiona, weaker than Fiona, but at the same time, stubborn and strong in his own way.

By the end of the book I was shaking it and literally yelling “Get to the point! The elder by ten minutes, Fiona is the cool, composed leader and when her special characteristics start manifesting, it’s not surprising they include martial abilities.

The trials are interesting but make me think of Percy Jackson ala The Lightning Thief in that they feel We’re left wondering who everyone is, what their relation is to the two main characters and who their parents truly are. Yes, you read that mprtal. The gentle, soft poet. This book was just what I needed to refresh my mind in between the terrible books that seem to enjoy bombarding itself at me.


Then, on their fifteen birthday, the twins discover that they are the offspring of a godd Twins Fiona and Elliot lead a ciils life with their grandmother and great-grandmother. With such intriguing titles, I would prefer Table of Contents up front.

The Fall of ReachHalo: Arbitrary seeming hops I do not like. Could the other family be somehow … worse?

They come into their powers and have to pass challenges set by both the heavenly and hellish members of their new “family” to determine which side they nylind eventually belong to. They never, ever go out. Their mother’s side of the family are gods and their father’s are fallen angels, i.

Mortal Coils – Eric Nylund

So… all I can say at this point is to please be patient. Then I got used to them. While fan-fic is flattering I cannot talk about or point you to sources of fan-generated fiction for legal reasons. Eliot and Fiona will fight for their lives. Tears were in her old eyes.

All the supporting characters were great, and more fun to read then the twins. From cleaning the apartment unit when they were young, to working their omrtal off doing menial labor in a horrible pizza shop, Eliot and Fiona’s life can only be described as miserable. The Fall of Reach”.


Mortal Coils

Nylund born November 12, is an American novelist and professional technical writer. There was a point where I kind of Mortal Coils is a really interesting story — but it is a really long story. Being the story of year-olds who d Two twin siblings, Fiona and Elliot, brought up and home schooled in a small town in California, discover that there’s a reason their grandmother has kept them isolated all their lives.

When they turn 15 they find out wric everything they thought they knew was wrong Eliot and Fiona are the children of a goddess and Lucifer. They are the children of a union that should never have been – a “goddess” and Lucifer. I have an idea for a HALO novel. Terrifyingly intelligent, yet spectacularly dorky nlund awkward eriic old main characters An awesome, complex relationship between twin siblings Terrifyingly dangerous familial relationships where your beloved cousin might be plotting to kill you and eat your erif A battle between good slightly good not very bad kind of evil vs.

It’s an ok book. Is young love excuse for Rob to recover from grief so fast?