The next ten years will be mainly devoted to the “Spirou et Fantasio” series he makes it a point of honour to continue “Gaston Lagaffe” in spite of everything. Offered in Catawiki’s Comic Curio Auction: Franquin, André – Figure Mini-Pixi – Gaston Lagaffe et le gaffophone – (). Mint – with original box and. [Multi] Et Franquin cra la gaffe [BD] [Multi] Et Franquin cra la gaffe. les analyses de Gaston et les analyses de Modeste et Pompom.. Integrale 4.

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This is my first post here I’m so happy to have found this place! As a french-canadian living near Montreal, Quebec, I’m lucky to have access to a wide variety of comics from many sources: My lagafff library has a large collection of comics of all kinds and I want to share with you all the most obscure and awesome stuff I can find.

For my first post, I’ll start with one of my favorite franco-belgian comics, the goofy office gofer, Gaston Lagaffe. In Februarylagwffe of the Belgian comic magazine “Le journal de Spirou” discovered in issue a strange character.

There was no name, no explanation for this little image in a ca corner: The following weeks, the mystery character returned, now wearing a ratty green sweater, jeans and sneakers, and framed by blue footprints.

Eventually a name was revealed: Gaston, who acquired the last name Lagaffe “gaffe” in french means “blunder, mistake, goof”was never meant to become a regular comic character with his own series. Franquin describes Gaston as: Lagafge would be a “Jobless hero” so pathetic that no one would want to read a comic about him. Official Gaston website in french only But Gaston soon became so popular with readers framquin inthe “little doodle in page corners” format was dropped for a half-page sized strip, set in the fictionalized offices of the magazine Gaston appeared in.


Fantasio from the Spirou series became his boss, and Gaston’s character was developed more. He became a lazy, franquinn office clerk who seemed to cause catastrophes where ever he went.

Gaston has no shame in using office space and work hours to put together crazy inventions, practice crra hobbies, take care of his numerous annoying pets cat, mouse, goldfish, hedgehog, seagull InFranquin left the Spirou series to work on Gaston full time. The strip’s cast of characters also grew.

Spirou et Fantasio – Wikipedia

A few characters from the Gaston series: Gaston, Fantasio, Prunelle, Jeanne, Mr. The Gaffophone, the sound of your worst nightmares. A series of animated shorts was made inusing Flash animation to give life to Franquin’s drawings. You can watch a few episodes herebut only in french. He’s also the creator of the Marsupilami character. So, after this history lesson, here is our feature presentation, a series of strips I like to call “The saga of Rubber-Gaston”, first published in the sixties I can’t pinpoint the exact year.

In these strips, Gaston somehow got his hands on a life-size replica of himself made of rubber and brought it to the office it’s sort of an inside joke because little rubber Gaston toys existed in real life at the time. So here are 9 strips that total 4 and a half pages of a 44 pages album. The translation is homemade by me.



Now let’s all sit back and watch the mayhem The next strip features the closest thing the series has to a villain: DeMesmaeker, a grumpy businessman who shows up from time to time franquih sign some important contracts. But due to Gaston’s shenanigans, something always happens to ruin the deal.

Either DeMesmaeker gets angry and storms off, or the contracts get destroyed somehow. Great stress-reliever, this Rubber-Gaston. If I did something wrong or break any rules, please tell me and I’ll fix it.

scans_daily | Franco-Belgian comic: Gaston Lagaffe

My native language is French so I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistake. I might not be able to translate everything I post in the future but I’ll do my best to franqhin the dialogue. View our Delicious tags for this post.

Flat Top-Level Comments Only. I am also close to Montreal.

I’ve read all the Gaston. Link Reply Thread Hide 1 comment Show 1 comment.

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