Tagged Andrea Rossi, charged cluster, E-Cat, electron cluster, eugene podkletnov, EVO, Exotic Vacuum Object, gravity impulse beam. Some Emerging Possibilities – ; Eugene Podkletnov on Antigravity – Podkletnov Paper with Giovanni Modanese – scribd – Document in PDF. The recent announcement by Russian scientist, Eugene Podkletnov, that he has invented an anti-gravity machine, which was to be described.

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Greg Henderson on the Hendo Hoverboard.

Also during the telephone interview with Platt, Podkletnov said that he was continuing to work on gravitation, claiming that with new collaborators at an unnamed “chemical research center” in Moscow he has built a new device. Professor and Noble Price winner Hendrik A.

Antigravity by Eugene Podkletnov

The Floyd Sweet Device has nothing to do with vacuum triodes or amplifiers. Mark Hugo on Global Warming. Retrieved April 28, Albert Einstein — Special Theory of Relativity: Eugene Podkletnov on Antigravity July 18, Podkletnov himself complained that he had never claimed to block gravity, only to have reduced its effect.

If confirmed, it is an amazing piece of research.

Eugene Podkletnov on Gravity Shielding

Remastered Hutchison Effect Footage September 24, However, Hendrik Lorentz derived the modern form of the electromagnetic force equation Lorentz Forcewhich includes both the electric and magnetic forces Laplace poodkletnov. For nearly two decades Dr.


This is a new property for atoms which can explain gravity ron groskey June 5, at Giovanni Modanese, and describes the findings of his study, which involved measuring the speed of the force-beam using two separate, but cross-correlated measurement techniques. Lectures on Physics, Vol.

Eugene Podkletnov on Gravity Shielding

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Commercial Antigravity September 24, This is a new property for atoms which can explain gravity. Mark Hugo on Cold Fusion. CS1 Finnish-language sources fi CS1 maint: Godin has reported some amazing results.

January 16, at Please take note of the references to different types of induced electric fields with unique properties. Podkletnov withdrew his second paper after it had been initially accepted. Vuorinen, listed as the paper’s coauthor, disavowed prior knowledge of the paper and claimed that the name was used without consent.

Anti-Gravity Machine (Eugene Podkletnov)

Patents Awarded to William Hooper 3, Hooper was also a believer in that there are two types of induced electrical fields, just like Maxwell and Feynman. In other words, what appears as an electric field will appear as a magnetic field in another frame of reference for the same experiment. Here is a simple video from Veritasium explaining the topic: May 11, at Eugene Podkletnov to discuss recent to experimental antigravity research in gravity modification and superconductors.


Play in new window Download. Mark Hugo on the Rife Microscope.

Eugene Podkletnov discusses gravity shielding effects in rotating superconductors and recent experiments with a gravity impulse generator. Discharges originating from a superconducting ceramic electrode are accompanied by the emission of radiation which propagates in a focused beam without noticeable attenuation through different materials and exerts a short repulsive force on small movable objects along the propagation axis.

Podkletnov further added that this beam pldkletnov no recoil on the superconducting emitter itself. Brown claims to have found gravitational control through charging asymmetrical capacitors.

Rognerud, are with motional plasma or moving cross-cutting magnetic fields. Brown passed away in Ning Li did some interesting theoretical and experimental work on interactions of superconductivity and gravity.