This year marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of Ask the Dust, by John Fante. Today it’s widely regarded as a classic of American. Ask the Dust [John Fante] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ask the Dust is a virtuoso performance by an influential master of the. Rob Sternberg on the pleasures of rereading John Fante.

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Maybe he wanted to remember her where he liked himself, wild beach hair blowing ancient temptress. There’s also disconnection between Arutro and Camilla where a novelist like Steinbeck might’ve developed a connection. I liked the fact that there was very little profanity, which kept the integrity of the book and was most asi accurate for the period duzt was being portrayed.

So I read the overwhelmingly positive Bukowski introduction and I’m off and running. That is complicated by meeting Arturo Bandini, a first-generation Italian hoping to land a writing career and a blue-eyed blonde on his arm. Maybe pot was stronger in the thirties.

Ask the Dust () – IMDb

Un personaggio buffo, sanguigno, che a vo Arturo Bandini, ovvero lui, John Fante. View all 14 comments.

While we do hear echoes of the Romanticist poet who is tortured by a white page, and suffers from hunger, madness and one or two debilitating diseases, the substance of the book is untouched by this. Harold the Bartender Natasha Staples A young and passionate wannabe writer whose cringe-inducing delusions of grandeur often reminded me of Rupert Pupkin, from Scorcese’s The King of Comedy.


View all 4 comments. An army of ghosts crawling on thier bellies. Hellfrick, an always-broke neighbor with an insatiable appetite for meat; Vera Rivken, the pitiful married woman whom Bandini follows to Long Beach Pike, and who may or may not duts survived the earthquake; and Camilla Lopez, the unattainable Mexican waitress at the Columbia Buffet on Spring Street. Si professa ateo, ma prega.

Refresh and try duxt. Arturo wanders around Los Angeles, writes in his spartan hotel room, and makes a shitloa Someone recently mentioned Ask the Dust on Goodreads.

John Fante knows how to tell his tale right and he writes both very convincingly and captivatingly. John Fante himself would have seized your hair by the roots and repeated the mantra until your eyes goggled, if you happened to be alive inwhen the publication of Ask the Dust went virtually unnoticed. This was her home, her ruin, her scattered dream. To ask other readers questions about Ask the Dustplease sign up.

How Ask the Dust nearly missed greatness

Initial reception of the novel was mixed, resulting in poor sales. It’s the telltale sign of good, strong writing when you get the feeling that someone has been reading your mail or email.

Un personaggio buffo, sanguigno, che a volte vien voglia di sgridare, a volte di abbracciare. I appreciate the recommendation and I’m surprised, even with its flaws, that the novel isn’t revered by the Bukowski Fan Club crowd. I was transported back in time. That said, Ask the Dust is required reading for people into that whole drunk crazy writer thing.

The jaw of a great writer. To compensate for this, he puffs himself up comically, both in public and private, like a little man goading a giant, who only out of disinterest withholds from retaliating.


Ask the Dust

I hate him as he licks his wounded on her. Anyways, I like the time period. There’s the length, which I’d peg at 50, words, nearly novella length. I hated Arturo as he hated himself, waiting for him. Here’s Bandini walking the streets of downtown LA:. I remember when I was fourteen, reading Catcher assk the Rye. Living off the zest of oranges, he unconsciously creates a picture of Los Angeles as a modern dystopia during the Great Depression era.

This failure drove Fante into a chequered career as a Hollywood screenwriter, and largely spelled the end of his career as a novelist.

Here, take two yhe three with love. In addition to critical praise, the book has also found popular success, appearing on bestseller lists in both the US and Europe. Arturo Bandini, I know you too well!

Maybe the idea of the struggling writer trying to make a name for himself in Los Angeles appealed to the sympathies of the difficult times in which these books were written. I couldn’t say why.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. After a stint in a mental institution, Camilla goes out there to be with Sammy, who turns her away.