A First Course In Linear Algebra by David Easdown, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A First Course in Linear Algebra by David Easdown. Hints and Short Solutions to Selected Exercises. Chapter 0 Introduction. Observe that. 1. 2(2x + 4) − x. Booktopia has A First Course in Linear Algebra, 3rd Edition by David Easdown. Buy a discounted Book with Other Items of A First Course in Linear Algebra.

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The first few section of the book,are essential. This book does not cover any topics about culture, race or ethnicities and is written in a respectful manner.

Comments I have taught from the author’s related book, “Elementary Linear Algebra”, and I find the refinements here of the material to be a positive change in every regard. The proofs are all included and easy to read. Theorems, and when necessary, their proofs are presented in a logical fashion.

Jalal Elwazze rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Terminology is always an issue with students in this subject, but the author has used a color scheme to identify definition boxes in the text and differentiate them from examples, theorems, etc. The subsequent chapters of this book are each pretty well self-contained, so it would be pretty easy to adapt the content to a particular curriculum.

The author has done an exceptional job providing a modern exposure to linear algebra that is accessible to students of all STEM disciplines.


A First Course In Linear Algebra (Book + CD, Pearson Original Edition) (3e)

Roya marked it as to-read Jun 05, The book is written in a very conversational style, and for the most part this aids the presentation. Consider the following passage from an example on row reduction: On the other hand, the sections on Linear Transformations and Eigenvalues are exactly what I would want to see in a Sophomore course that was designed more for mathematicians.

The theorems and proofs that are provided in each section are presented with precision, and yet easy to read. Apollo added it Mar 06, This text covers all the material an instructor could want to include in an introductory Linear Algebra course.

First Course in Linear Algebra | Easdown | The Co-op

Daniel rated it it was amazing Sep 03, To cover all the material one in an average one semester introductory Easdoen Algebra course, one could have over pages of mathematics text for their students to read. This style is consistent throughout the text and technical terminology is properly used.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Text stays consistent throughout with definitions, solutions and responses.

A First Course In Linear Algebra

The clarity of the writing is what I find most appealing about this book. This book provides a consistent and mature approach to the topics in each section. The geometric interpretations of courrse and determinants are left for the chapters in the second half of the book; it makes for a very algebra-heavy first three chapters.


The section on vectors is quite extensive, and would be excellent to use in a Freshman course that needed to introduce vectors Ivaan Chan marked it as to-read Apr 06, This book is an excellent example of a mature textbook for students in STEM fields.

Each section provides simple, leading examples that explore the new topic. Welton Holeaker marked it as to-read Nov 05, This book includes a lot of prose to motivate technical procedures.

Linear Algebra texts often suffer from aggressive detail paid to procedure and computation. Corey marked it as to-read Apr 04, I find the title of Cor. Daniel marked it as to-read Mar 12, This book ,inear be suitable for students’ first exposure to proofs. Text book can be taught using sections and subsections without creating much confusion.

Dense paragraphs are mostly avoided and the text is broken up with examples, theorems, etc Despite its length, though, it is both extremely well-organized and easy to read. Sami rated it liked it May 29,