The Oracle E-Business Suite products provide many key flexfields as integral parts of the products. This chapter contains tables with basic information for many . 4 Values and Value Sets. 5 Using Additional Flexfield Features. 6 Key Flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite. 7 Standard Request Submission. For flexfields and report parameters in Oracle E-Business Suite, values in value sets can affect functionality such as the rollup of accounting data, job grades.

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You should ensure that the field you copy from contains valid values. Ensure the following prerequisites have been completed before entering in your segment values. Because we have just created a grant for the similar Belgium Accounting Flex structure, we can take a shortcut and duplicate that previous grant. If you are creating a Dependent, Translatable Dependent, Table, Special or Pair value set, choose the Edit Information button to open the appropriate window.

However, you cannot prevent users from entering a value that contains the radix character D. The field must be in the same form as the flexfield. Enter e-busineds description for this descriptive flexfield context field value.

If you do not define them in your context field value set then you will not be able to use them, but you do not want to add duplicate them in your custom table. You can see your flexfield changes immediately after you freeze and recompile your flexfield.

Oracle E-Business Suite Flexfields Guide

For each default type chosen in the Default Type field, the valid values for the Default Value field are:. You should not attempt to alter the definitions of the Bank Details Flexfield which are supplied. See the Oracle General Ledger documentation for more information. The People Group flexfield lets you add your own key information to the Employee Assignment.


You must either remove your INTO clauses or turn off flexfields server-side validation using the profile option Flexfields: However, a context field behaves differently from a normal flexfield segment either global or flexfiekds.

We recommend that instead of deleting or updating existing grants, you should provide an end date for the old grants and then create new grants. A combination would have different segments depending on the flexfield structure being used for that combination.

The setup wizard allows you to modify parameter values of flexfield value set security grants that were created using the Grants page or the wizard using the readable names, rather than the ID numbers. A foreign key form is a form whose underlying base table contains only one or two columns that contain key flexfield information, and those columns are foreign key columns to the combinations table usually a foreign key to the CCID column of the combinations table and sometimes a structure ID column as well.

Securing Flexfield Value Sets in EBS | Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Blog

Build your report program to accept the resulting values that it will receive when a user submits your report. Here are several siute of setting up flexfield value set security. Choose the Move button to move the child ranges you selected in the Source block to the destination parent value you specified in the Destination block. The numeric format allows a radix character ‘D’ or decimal separator and a plus or minus sign although the plus sign is not displayed in the segment.


Note that these parameter values in the grant are literal values, so the parameter values we enter must exactly match the values for the flexfield, and the values are case sensitive.

This will make auditing easier in the future. You oracel enable at least one structure for each key flexfield. Choose any proprietary balance sheet account type if you are defining a statistical account segment value. Navigate to the Segment Values window. Your list contains only the default types that have formats that match your value set format type. Descriptive flexfields provide customizable “expansion space” on your forms.

A context-sensitive segment appears once the appropriate context information is flexfiwlds.

If you are using a legislation for which a Bank KeyFlexfield structure has been defined you should not modify the predefined structure. The Oracle E-Business Suite stores these “codes” in key flexfields. You design your category flexfield to record the information you e-busimess.

Values and Value Sets

If you plan to use additional features such as cross-validation rules or flexfield value security, you define those additional features at this point. You must explicitly set up access for specific users by enabling appropriate grants and roles flsxfields those users. Now we can create our grant using the wizard. Customize your applications to conform to your current business practice for accounting codes, product codes, and other codes.