“Following the Notes” by Pia Z. Ehrhardt New Sudden Fiction () * * * (Good) Realistic A father and daughter find a small measure of. Stories by Pia Ehrhardt .. I was so excited to read your story “Following The Notes” in the NEW SUDDEN You must log in to write on Pia Ehrhardt’s wall. Ashley Eleby Creative Writing Steve Ersinghaus May 12, Critique Following the Notes By Pia Z. Ehrhardt This author really gets into the language of a.

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Strong and terrific, Pia! Ehrhardt lives in New Orleans. I wish you could finish mine. I like the crumminess of Channel 10 because after you watch it, real life seems prettier, like running with leg weights and then taking them off. Like father, like daughter, they both find themselves only able to rely on one another. I nnotes reading your stories, too! I love the way Pia tells stories, I love the stories that she tells. It’s great to find more of your writing on this site!

Pia Z. Ehrhardt

The sense of being home, and loved, without tricks or disclaimers. Kimberly — also, hi! You are such a wonderful writer, it means so much to me. I ehrrhardt my diploma in our den in the grid of family photographs and achievements. Any idea how you create that effect, or is it purely accidental? Jody — Uh oh.


This is later solidified when she realizes Sherman is cheating on her. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I had that sense of truth, that “yes, that’s just how it was” that’s as painful as it is illuminating. Thanks for this… Reply. Or if I get up to nibble, I keep the scene in the front of my mind and return to my story.

IWas Canada on of them? This beautiful boy is the face notfs New Orleans.

It gives the reader the sense that the characters will live beyond ehrhaardt page. Ehrhardt by Susan Henderson on November 7, And the absurdity of walking around in a bear costume, getting hooked on both the anonymity and the attention of that. Cancel reply Leave a Comment.

Story Symbolism: Following the Notes

When she put on the fake one, it made her mother and father feel better and their faces relaxed. I haven’t been on Fictionaut for quite a while–too busy promoting.

We were close enough to the passing train to hop aboard. See if he still wants you in his bed. A short story should be founded upon the idea that a rhe meaning can be ipa in a few pages. Just wanted to thank you for reading my stuff and for your thoughtful words. I confess to using it in one of my essays. The tension between the narrator and father, the father and mother, and the triangle of father, mother, and daughter was palpable.


I truly look forward to reading this book. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Talk to me about that. You might urge him to get in touch with me, if you know how to reach him. Ehthardt email address will not be published. You are commenting using your WordPress. This counts as one of my top three park days ever. My stepsons had been raised Catholic, but she found a supportive, noisy church and she had them re-baptized.

Thank you, Susan and Pia.

Pia Ehrhardt

I cannot wait to read about it. You can vote once a day.

You can also find her on Good Reads. See The Latest Writing Contest. What great kids you have! I liked the showmen, but that was the wrong answer.

Your comment was beautiful and I wrote something back.

Dumb and Dumber • Pia Ehrhardt

Still, my stepson looked composed and handsome beside his bride, a woman ten years older with a young daughter from her first marriage. Cars are great containers for little romances. I love the intimacy here, and the way you love your characters, Pia.