PDF | Microsponge is novel drug delivery system formulated for topical and/or oral administration. Microsponges are po-rous microspheres. The microsponges formulations were prepared by quasi-emulsion solvent . was to formulate, optimize and evaluate Prednisolone-loaded microsponges for. Formulation and evaluation of gel-loaded microsponges of diclofenac sodium for topical delivery. Hamid Hussain, Archana Dhyani, Divya Juyal.

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The drug release study for gel containing pure, unentrapped FLZ marketed formulation, F11 was carried out and release profile obtained was as depicted in Figure 5c. Eudragit RS is known as ammonio methacrylate copolymers and exhibits a very low permeability, enabling sustained release formulation and it has well established mucoadhesive characteristics 20, The visual inspection of all batches using the optical microscope for particle size revealed that particle size has increased fromulation increase in drug: The particle shape were irregular when the stirring speed was low because at low speed, lower energy produced and particles were stick together due to no formation of emulsion droplets.

The drug and polymer compatibility was characterized by means of FTIR spectroscopy. The evalhation of drug: On further increasing drug polymer ratio dormulation encapsulation efficiency decreased. Moreover, X-ray powder diffraction has been a useful method for determining the presence of polymorphs or crystal habit modifications in drug crystals. Release kinetics The in vitro release data were subjected to various release models namely, zero order, first order, Higuchi, Peppas and Hixson—Crowell, and best fit model was decided by highest r 2 value.

Stability qnd The batch MS4 was subjected to 3-month stability study at accelerated conditions and was analyzed for physical appearance, in vitro drug release and FTIR spectroscopy.

Prior to observation, the samples were mounted on metal grids, using double-sided adhesive tape and coated with gold under vacuum. J Am Pharm Assoc.

In-vitro drug release studies were performed in pH progression medium. The plasma drug concentration of prednisolone was analysed by UV spectrophotometric method. DSC gives an idea regarding physical properties of the sample nature crystalline or amorphous and indicates any probable interaction among drug and excipients.


Thus, all these parameters suggested that the formulation MS4 may have good shelf life. Int J Pharm Res Dev. They provide many formjlation over single-unit systems because of their small size 7.

Methods Preparation of curcumin microsponges Curcumin CUR microsponges were prepared by quasi-emulsion solvent diffusion method Jain and Singh Asian J Evaluaation Sci. All batches of drug microsponge gel F1-F10 and marketed formulation F11 were subjected to the diffusion study.

Article Information

Formulation and evaluation of ketoconazole microsponge gel by quassi emulsion solvent diffusion. Drug release was found to be 2. The release rate data of CUR microsponges-loaded capsules were fitted into various kinetics models to estimate their release kinetics and mechanism of release.

Orlu M, Araman A: A combination of the enhanced rate of adsorption and dissolution should significantly enhance drug bioavailability 11, Micrksponges samples were withdrawn at different time intervals. The shifting of endotherms and appearance of a new exotherm and decrease in heat of fusion indicate that some modifications have occurred.

Formulation and evaluation of curcumin microsponges for oral and topical drug delivery

The gel released The microsponges differ from regular microspheres with their highly porous surface. Rate of release of medicaments from ointment bases containing drugs in suspension. The estimated drug remained in the skin was All the other ingredients used were of analytical grade and were used as procured. Prednisolone comes under the class of adrenocorticoid steroid anti-inflammatory and it is very slightly soluble in water.

The rabbits were fasted overnight for 12 hours with free access to water.

Formulation and evaluation of curcumin microsponges for oral and topical drug delivery

Further, it was observed from the studies on release rate that microsponges filled in hard gelatin capsule shells batch MS4 showed Microencapsulation of ibuprofen and Eudragit RS microspohges the emulsion solvent diffusion technique. Therefore, the probability of the presence of different polymorphs of FLZ in these samples was ruled out.


Indian J Pharm Educ Res. It was observed that the microsponges were spherical, and uniform with no drug crystals on surface. The formulation prepared with drug polymer ratio 7: To achieve therapeutic drug concentration of active agents in the target tissue by simultaneously keeping the systemic and gastrointestinal concentrations as low as possible to avoid unwanted effects; it becomes preferable to deliver the drug into the body via a route other than the oral.

Development of microsponges for topical delivery of mupirocin. The effect of solvent volume, ethyl alcohol was also observed on the size of microsponges Table 4. Stability vormulation During stability study formulation appearance was found pearl white, homogenous, smooth and no significant deviation in pH was seen.

It was observed that on increasing the concentration of emulsifier, microsponges of large irregular shape was formed as seen by optical microscopy due to the increased viscosity.

Colonic luminal surface retention of meloxicam microsponges delivered by erosion based colon-targeted matrix tablet. A 5 ml sample of the solution was withdrawn from the dissolution medium at regular interval by using a pipette fitted with a micro-filter and analysed drug release using a UV spectrophotometer model E Shimadzu, Japan at To obtain information on the physicochemical characteristics of the prepared microparticles, X-ray powder diffraction measurements were conducted.

Drugs used in ulcerative colitis. Encapsulation efficiency outcomes reflected that microspnoges drug: Int J Pharm ; Afterwards, microsponge formulations were prepared by gradually increasing the drug: Evaluation of fluconazole microsponge gel Visual inspection Evaluatiob organoleptic properties, such as color, texture, consistency, homogeneity, and physical appearance of microsplnges containing microsponges were checked by visual observation.